50 Dreamiest Anniversary Ideas For Her

Make today special.

50 Dreamiest Anniversary Ideas For Her getty

Anniversaries (especially the first one!) are a major milestone in any relationship that should be celebrated with the utmost planning to be special.

And you probably are feeling the pressure to make it a perfect experience. Each anniversary helps you realize she's not going anywhere — you just need to show her you care and you remember the special moments, which these anniversary ideas for her do very, very well.


Women are sentimental creatures that love memories. So, if you do something, like making a photo album of the past year together, she will melt because of the sentimentality of the gift because you took the time to put it together. 

The same thing goes for an anniversary idea. It's the thought that counts. You don't have to do anything extravagant, especially if you don't have the money. She will be thankful that you took the time and put in the effort to make this day different than every other day. 

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It's important for you, as the husband, to show her how much you love spending time with her and that every day you still continue to fall more and more in love with her. 

But don't overthink what you are planning. Just show her how much you love her and no matter what you do, she will be happy that you are doing it together as a couple in celebration of your special day.

Always remember that you love each other so much and that you are her world. You hold a special place in her heart. 

Best anniversary ideas for her if she loves staying in.

1. Take a romantic bath or shower together with candles and bubbles. Also, open a bottle of champagne and strawberries. 


2. Cook her a romantic dinner. 

3. Decorate your house with framed photos and candles. 

4. Set aside time for you to spend just with each other.

5. Replay the song to your first dance together as a married couple and dance with each other.

Best anniversary ideas for her if she loves the outdoors.

6. Watch the sunset together as you enjoy a picnic of all your favorite foods and wines.

7. Go swimming and enjoy some time relaxing in the sun.

8. Go kayaking. 

9. Take her ice skating. 

10. Work in the garden together.

Best Anniversary ideas for her if she loves to travel.

11. A print of the stars of the time of your first date.

12. Choose a fun adventure to surprise your partner with.


13. Go hiking or walking to a special spot that means a lot to you as a couple.

14. Where we've been pushpin art frame.

Best anniversary ideas for her if she loves spontaneity. 

15. Do a couple's photoshoot.

16. Go to a comedy club. 

17. Give her a romantic weekend getaway. 

18. Go on a road trip.

19. Go to the farmers market. 

Best anniversary ides for her if she loves crafts. 

20. Do a couples pottery class. 

21. Make new drinks together.

22. Try starting a new hobby together.

23. Make a playlist together.

24. Attend a paint and wine-drinking class.

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Best anniversary gifts for her if she loves to cook.

25. Indulgent gourmet gift basket


26. Schedule a couples' cooking class for you to go on.

27. Take her wine tasting at a vineyard.

28. Personalized mug set

29. Custom wedding bowls that are personalized. 

30. Recreate your wedding night dinner.

Unique DIY anniversary gifts for her.

31. Create your own memories photo album. 

32. Create them their own encouragement calendar for every day. 

33. Do a scavenger hunt. 

34. Write her love letters. 

35. Make them a box of all their favorite things. 

Thoughtful anniversary gifts for her. 

36. First dance lyrics art

37. Anniversary Pillow

38. Reasons why I love you journal

39. Custom pallet photo


40. Keepsake hands casting kit

41. Voiceprint soundwave wall art

42. Personalized wood carving. 

43. Necklace with the coordinates of where you were married.

44. Put together an anniversary time capsule. 

45. Take a shadow box and put it full of all your movie tickets.

Best anniversary games to give her as a gift.

46. Sexy Truth or Dare

47. Uncommon Questions — 200 Fresh Conversation Starters for Couples

48. Intimacy Deck 

49. Personalized puzzle

50. A personalized connect four

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