Who Is Vanessa Guillen, Missing Fort Hood Texas Soldier

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Who Is Vanessa Guillen, Missing Fort Hood Texas Soldier
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Vanessa Guillen was a 5'2, female Fort Hood Texas United States soldier whose case is currently under investigation.

Remains in a shallow grave have been found in Bell County, but identification is pending.

However, you might not have heard about her until now, but the #JusticeForVanessa movement is growing.

Who is Vanessa Guillen?

Vanessa Guillen was last seen on April 22, 2020 in Fort Hood Texas. She was a 20-year-old private first-class soldier, who always wanted to join the military and serve her country.

The last place that Guillen was spotted was in Killeen, Texas, in the parking lot at the Fort Hood Army base. Her cell phone is the only personal item that is still missing.

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According to Army Times, Vanessa was killed in the Armory by another solider, Aaron David Robinson. Robinson used a hammer to kill her. He then contacted his girlfriend, a married civilian, to help him to dispose of Guillen's body.

When it was discovered that Vanessa Guillen was missing, her barrack-room key, wallet, and ID were found later in the armory room where she was working prior to her disappearance.

The only thing missing is her cell phone. She was last seen in a black shirt and purple workout pants. A full investigation began after complaints were raised by the family.

After two months of no one seeing Guillen, and her family imploring the media and the military to do something to locate her, Army Officials have finally released a public statement saying they are committed to finding her.

What do we know about the search for Vanessa Guillen, the missing Fort Hood Soldier?

1. Anyone with information is being asked to come forward and help locate Vanessa Guillen.

On Sunday, June 21, 2020, Fort Hood Deputy Commander Major General Scott Efflandt posted a Facebook video urging the public to offer up any helpful information or clues that will help narrow down her whereabouts.

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Efflandt stated, “We want to bring Vanessa home as efficiently and rapidly as possible.

We need to bring Vanessa back to her Army family and to bring her back to her family, and we won’t stop this effort until we’re successful.”

2. There are countless conspiracy theories as to what happened to Vanessa Guillen.

However, since the authorities have not made a conscious effort until recently, a lot of conspiracy theories have come up in regards to her disappearance.

Some believe that the Army has been covering up her disappearance and do not want her to be found.

A few theories connect the disappearance of Vanessa Guillen to Private Gregory Wedel-Morales. Wedel-Morales another Fort Hood soldier who went missing in August 2019 whose remains were recently discovered.

According to a statement issued by the United States Army Criminal Investigation Command, "At this point, investigators have no credible information or report that Vanessa Guillen was sexually assaulted or that this case is in any way connected to the investigation into the disappearance of PV2 Gregory Wedel-Morales, who was last seen on the night of 2 Aug. 19, 2019 while driving his car in Killeen, Texas. Both of these allegations have been widely circulated via the media and on social media."

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3. Her family has launched a site to help find Vanessa.

According to the site, "Find Vanessa Guillen" Vanessa disclosed to her mother that she was having problems at Fort Hood.

The website claims that Guillen would not reveal the identity of the Sergeant.

The website states, “my mom tried to convince me to give her the name of the person who was harassing me, but I didn’t want to get in trouble.”

On the website, it claims that Guillen said, “my mom told me that she would report it for me, but I told her that I knew of other female soldiers that had reported sexual harassment and that the US Army didn’t believe them.”

The sister of Vanessa, Mayra Guillen, also shared this information in an interview with Dateline.

4. Vanessa Guillen's family has hired a lawyer.

The family’s lawyer, Natalie Khawam stated, "The facts aren't good. I don't like them. There were a few incidents where she had told her colleagues, her friends, her family about being sexually harassed but she was afraid to report it.

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How does someone disappear on a base that has more protection and safeguards than anyone else on the planet?"

Khawam also stated that Guillen claimed her superior walked in on her while she was in the shower and another attacked her verbally with Spanish comments.

5. Selma Hayek and other celebrities are asking their fans to help find Vanessa Guillen.

The actress Salma Hayek has promised to post about Guillen on Instagram every day until she is found.




A post shared by Salma Hayek Pinault (@salmahayek) on Jun 12, 2020 at 5:06pm PDT

The disappearance of Guillen has grabbed the attention of many celebrities and activists that do not want this case about a woman of color to continue to go unnoticed and unspoken about.

Also, Houston rapper Baby Bash, has donated $5,000 to the reward fund that is currently at $50,000.

According to Tim Miller, Texas EquuSearch founder, authorities were given a tip to search for Guillen near Leon River in Bell County.

This tip was given to the authorities on Monday, June 22, 2020, however, she has still not been found and the search for her is continuing.

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6. EquuSearch was assigned to the case.

EquuSearch has joined forces with many different agencies that are on the lookout for her but cannot reveal any details pertaining to the case.

Among these agencies are The Texas Rangers and The Fort Hood Army Criminal Investigation Division Command.

Miller has said, “We know time is not on our side.” The Fort Hood officials are asking for anyone with information to come forward.

7. Concrete covered remains were found and believed to be Vanessa.

After all the searching, remains were discovered on Tuesday, July 30, 2020 near the Leon River in rural Bell County.

They are said to be the remains of Vanessa Guillen and were hidden under concrete and rocks.

Clearly, the remains were intended to be heavily hidden and were only discovered when a man who was working around the area inhaled a terrible smell.

On Wednesday, a photo of the site was shown for the first time because Miller declared that the investigators found the lid to a Pelican storage case, which prompted them to pay more attention to the area.

A witness also claimed that they saw the case being loaded into a car around 8:30 pm around the time when Guillen first went missing in April.

However, these remains are not yet confirmed to be Vanessa Guillen. Fort Hood is set to have a press conference on Thursday, July 2, 2020 to get to the bottom of it.

Interestingly, the remains were discovered around the same time that the Army declared they promoted Guillen to Specialist, even though she was missing.

8. A suspect was confronted and committed suicide

Early Wednesday morning, US Marshals, Lone Star Fugitive Task Force, and Killeen Police allegedly located the soldier suspected in Guillen’s disappearance.

However, this suspect remains unidentified.

This suspect reportedly left his Fort Hood post and authorities addressed him as he was walking along a commercial and residential route on the northeast part of the city, which was a couple of miles away from the base.

The Killeen police said during a news release that, "as officers attempted to make contact with the suspect, the suspect displayed a weapon and discharged it toward himself. The suspect succumbed from a self-inflicted gunshot wound."

Vanessa Guillen’s family held a press conference on Wednesday and Guillen’s sister Mayra claimed that she met this suspect who killed himself.

Mayra said about the deceased suspect related to the Vanessa Guillen case:

"When I first went up to that base, that subject, I met him, not knowing that he had something to do with it.

I felt something was telling me that he did something, and I wasn't wrong apparently, and apparently now, he kills himself.

Why? I don't know. But whoever is responsible has to pay, and we demand a congressional investigation."

Even though the remains have not yet been confirmed to be Vanessa Guillen, the Guillen family believes that they belong to her.

If you have any information on Vanessa's case, contact Army CID Special Agents at (254) 287-2722.

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Editor's Note: This article was originally posted on June 25, 2020 and was updated with the latest information.