If These 5 Things Happen To You When It Rains, You're A Pluviophile

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If These 5 Things Happen When It Rains, You're A Pluviophile

I know, your first initial thought to the title of this article might have been, “What the heck is a pluviophile?” That was my first response, too. 

This strange word might have more of a psychological meaning more than you could ever imagine!

We all know there are three groups of people in this world who either love the summer or winter months — these people either can't get enough of the sunshine or snow. But in between those people are those who do not like one season over the other, but what they do love? Rain!

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Summer lovers can happily enjoy a scorching summer morning without worrying about breaking a sweat. They won’t complain about the weather being too hot; instead, they’ll find fun ways to feel cool and have a lot of fun!

Once the summer rolls around, I’d like to think our inner children come out for the next couple of months. We get rid of the ungodly layers of clothes and we engage in fun summer activities like going down the shore, going to a tiki bar, and watching the sunrise on the shores of an island we are visiting. 

Winter lovers, on the contrary, can snuggle inside a forest of blankets and sit in front of the fireplace for hours and they will not complain. There are so many fun things to do in the winter and these peeps know how to party! 

The few months that come before winter are clear indications of apple/pumpkin picking, holiday lattes, and hours of Christmas movie marathons. These are some of the most memorable activities everyone can do during the winter months. If you’re an adventurous gal, snow tubing and snowboarding are here for your pleasure! 

So, we’ve discussed summer and winter lovers, now what about these pluviophile people!? 

If you haven’t figured it out yet, pluviophile’s are people who find comfort and peace in the rain. They are the ones who run outside during a rain shower and dance around, sticking out their tongue and trying to catch a few raindrops. 

These characters are in between loving the summer and winter seasons, but their creativity and free spirit during the rainy days are what set them apart from the bunch. 

Have you ever wondered why you love rain so much? Well, these signs will indicate that you are a pluviophile! 

1. You feel at ease.

Have you ever heard the sound of the rain falling on your roof, and suddenly you begin to feel “at home?” You might already be home but something about the water falling from the sky puts your body into a comfortable state.

Instead of feeling gloomy like the weather outside, you grab your favorite snack and hurry to your favorite spot on the couch to binge-watch the latest Netflix series. 

2. You want to go outside.

When I was a kid, I used to love jumping outside into the rain and splashing around. I had no care or worry in the world whether or not my clothes would get wet! However, adulthood changed my mind about the rain.

Pluviophiles do not mind getting their clothes and hair wet; as long as they are having the time of their life, all that circulates their mind is, “I hope the rain doesn’t stop.”

Maybe you’re the kind of person who doesn’t fear hanging out while it’s pouring, and your friends aren’t. That’s okay, all you need is yourself and the rain. 

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3. You love the way the air smells. 

Okay, okay, I have to admit, I love the smell of the air before it begins to rain! It’s almost like smelling the purest form of the air the way the universe intended it to be every day.

Pluviophiles can’t get enough of this amazing scent, and their only wish (I’d assume) is to bottle up the smell and keep it in their possession forever! 

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4. You prefer wearing dark clothes.

Tell your parents you’re not just an emo kid — you’re a pluviophile!

Before it rains, the clouds and skies are engulfed by dark shadows. But after the storm is when the flowers bloom and the rainbow comes out to play. You love both of these aspects!

People might look at you funny for liking dark clothing, but alas, you’re a lover of both the gloomy shades of gray and the vibrant colors of the rainbow. 

5. The rain helps you fall asleep. 

After a long day, all a pluviophile wishes for is a long rainstorm to come and relax their mind. Not a lot of people can sleep when it rains, but you and your body know that when it rains, it’s time for some shut-eye.

The sound of the rain gently puts you to sleep like a mother tucking their child in for bed.

I’m personally a sucker when it comes to a nice thunderstorm; I don’t know if I necessarily fall into the pluviophile category, but I can fall asleep to the sound of thunder any night!

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Destiny Duprey is a writer who covers self-care, astrology, and love, and relationship topics. 

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