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16 Progressive Newsletters To Subscribe To Right Now

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16 Progressive Newsletters To Subscribe To Right Now

So, you’ve shared #BlackLivesMatter posts, you’ve signed petitions, maybe you’ve even gone out and marched. But what now?

The recent Black Lives Matter protests and the conversations they have ignited have woken us up to the numerous injustices that divide our society. From police brutality to LGBTQ discrimination, it’s clear that change is long overdue.

But already, media coverage is slowing down, and the number of people attending marches is dwindling. So, we need to make some long-term commitments in order to ensure these issues are never swept under the rug again. 

The only way to transform our current activism into progressive change is to continue to stay informed, even as mainstream media moves on to the next big news story. Monumental shifts are happening for minority communities, but there is still a long way to go.

To stay active and informed, consider subscribing to progressive newsletters that cover everything from LGBTQ rights and climate action, to anti-racism and voting. 

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And if you're not sure where to start, subscribe to a few of these newsletters (or all of them!).

1. Human Rights Campaign

This organization champions the rights of the LGBTQ community.

By donating a sum of money of your choice, you are automatically subscribed to their email updates, which includes stories from LGBTQ people, informational articles about campaigns and initiative, and an itinerary of relevant workshops and events. 

2. The Innocence Project

If you’ve been donating to bail funds throughout the BLM protests, you’ve probably come across The Innocence Project already.

Their newsletter is filled with ways you can continue to help the wrongfully convicted. You’ll be connected to stories of wrongfully incarcerated people and learn more about the laws that perpetuate unjust incarceration.

3. Well-Read Black Girl

Well-Read Black Girl is a platform that amplifies the work of Black writers who speak to an actual lived experience of Blackness, rather than only writing about racism or historical racial struggles.

It’s so important to connect with stories of actual Black women writing now in order to elevate Black voices. The newsletter is like a virtual book club with discussion and updates on the writing of Black women.  

4. Them

Them magazine is a source of news and entertainment from the LGBTQ+ community. Subscribe to the newsletter for everything from personal essays and mental health advice, to trans rights initiatives and LGBTQ crime reports. 

5. Fruity

Philip Picardi, the founder of Them magazine, also has his own personal newsletter stories.

He shares his detailed, well-informed reactions to white privilege, the HIV/AIDS crisis, and COVID-19. The pieces deal with serious topics without over-doing the complicated jargon. 


For over a century, the NAACP has been a leading organization in the fight for racial equality.

From Jim Crow laws to the Black Lives Matter movement, the NAACP has launched continuous campaigns for the empowerment of the Black community. Their newsletter features important updates, current events, and will help you stay informed on their work. 

7. Everytown For Gun Safety

Police violence and gun violence are inextricably linked, so it’s important to be informed on the effects of gun violence and, most importantly, proposed solutions. Everytown’s newsletter will connect you to new research and developments in the gun safety movement.

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8. The Body Positive

The Body Positive was founded in 1996 to normalize body diversity and support people struggling with self-love.

Now, it's more than just a body-positive movement — it's a community of women empowering one another in all aspects of life. The newsletter updates with information about body-positivity and self-love, to social justice issues such as racial justice, climate action, and feminism. 

9. Black Lives Matter

This organization is constantly being updated with emerging information on racial injustices, the fight for equality, and ways you can support the movement. For direct access to resources and staying up to date on the movement, subscribe to their newsletter.  

10. Climate Action

Climate Action is an organization that aims to keep people informed on global environmental issues.

Their studies and research propose a lot of amazing solutions that we can make in our own lives as well as in governmental policies. They also feature a lot of articles that link racial injustice, gender inequality and global poverty to climate change. 

11. Vote.org

No change can be enacted without the right political representation.

In an election year that has seen over 100,000 coronavirus deaths, rampant police brutality, and an economic downturn, voting has never been more important. This newsletter tells you about any upcoming elections and provides a lot of helpful information for voters. 

12. Ethel’s Club

Protect your own mental health and those around you by joining Ethel’s Club. This is a community that fosters the creativity and wellness of people of color through conversation, therapy, and self-care.

The club isn’t quite a newsletter, but more of a membership program that will connect you with other people of color, and help you break down the stigmas surrounding mental illness. 

13. ACLU

This weekly newspaper is filled with legal and political analysis of the latest civil rights and civil liberties developments.

So much of the language around police brutality and violence against Black people is centered around “getting justice,” but what does that actually mean? This newsletter will keep you informed beyond just signing petitions.

14. National Center For Transgender Equality

Trans people are continuously marginalized in society and face constant discrimination.

Fighting for racial equality and gender equality also means advocating for trans rights. This newsletter amplifies the voices of many inspiring trans activists. 

16. xoNecole

xoNecole is a lifestyle, beauty, and travel blog that is powered by women of color. In all of their writing, they strive to represent and empower women of all races with career advice, self-love tips, and inspiring interviews.

When you sign up for the newsletter, you also receive an empowerment workbook.

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