Who Is Jo Koy's Ex-Wife? Everything To Know About Angie King

She's still in his life.

Who Is Jo Koy's Ex-Wife? Everything To Know About Angie King Randy Miramontez / Shutterstock

Jo Koy's In His Elements is new on Netflix. It's the third stand-up special for the half-Filipino comedian, and is the follow-up to his mega-successful Comin' in Hot. In his new special, Koy not only celebrates his Filipino roots, but he shares the stage with other comedians with Filipino roots, including Joey Guila, Andrew Orolfo, and Andrew Lopez. He also gives the stage to Filipino breakdancer Ronnie, and there's a performance by Filipino-born singer Inigo Pascual. 


Despite the topical nature of his comedy routines, Koy knows what works for his audience, and the overall response to his brand of comedy is definitely a positive one. 

Although he has one of the most popular comedy specials on Netflix today, few people know anything about his private life.  And in a way, that's a good thing — Jo Koy (born Joseph Glenn Herbert) is one of the hottest rising stars in comedy today, and there's plenty of comedians whose private lives remain private, which keeps our focus, rightly, on their comedy. 

But Koy's ex-wife is someone who is in the industry, in her own right, and her career is slowly but surely starting to take off. And the best part is, she's still in his life.


Who is Jo Koy's ex-wife, Angie King?

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She's a professional singer. 

Though she sometimes releases singles under the name "Nura Luca," Angie King says that she makes music that is "dark and dreamy melodies combined with mystery and illusion interpret the blank narrative." She also says that she considers herself an artist, not a musician, and she likes to incorporate many mediums into her work. She frequently shares updates on her Facebook page,as well. 


Like Koy, she is of Filipino descent. 

Although she was born in the United States, King's mother was born in the Philippines. King's father, David King Sr., passed away in July 2018. She eulogized him in a video that she shared on her Facebook page. She credited him with helping her launch her music career. 

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King and Koy share a son — and they're on great terms as co-parents.

King and Koy got married in 2003. They share a son named Joseph Herbert, Jr. However, their marriage didn't work out and they divorced in 2013. Despite the failure of their marriage, King and Koy remain on great terms. In fact, King frequently takes to her Instagram to promote Koy's stand-up specials, which suggests that they're not only co-parents, they're great friends. 




She's currently dating Gino Perez.

King has been dating skateboarder-turned-painter Gino Perez since 2011. They're also the co-creators of a clothing line called Mexican U.F.O. And, believe it or not, Perez, King, and Koy actually collaborated on a piece that he subsequently wore during Comin' In Hot! "With the help and collab of comedian Jo Koy, he has actually promoted this saying on a worldwide level and on his world tour this year. He also wears it on a jacket on his Netflix special called “Comin' in Hot” which is currently up on Netflix. Check him out if you haven’t already because he is the funniest out there. Many celebrities have rocked it and it’s been great for us thanks to him," Perez said.



A post shared by Gino Perez (@ginoooooooo) on May 7, 2020 at 11:53pm PDT

Jo Koy isn't public about who he's dating now.

While Angie King seems to be fairly public with her love life, her ex-husband is a little more reserved. While Koy frequently credits his son for being an inspiration for many of his comedy routines, he doesn't speak much about having a wife or a girlfriend.


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But ... he may be engaged to Amy Bray!

Back in 2018, a Filipino magazine did a profile on Jo Koy at his restaurant, where he was photographed with a woman named Amy Bray. The magazine credited Bray as his fiancé. While there is an old picture of Bray with Jo Koy on her Instagram account — which you can see below — there doesn't seem to be any recent activity between the two as of late, so it's unclear what their current relationshpi status is.




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