65 Fun 'Would You Rather' Questions For Kids

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65 Fun Would You Rather Questions For Kids

Keeping kids occupied can be a difficult task. No matter what game you start, which movie you turn on, or what food you make, they always seem to want more.

And I suppose that’s what makes them so lovable: their energy and penchant for fun. In reality, kids can teach us more about life than we teach them — and asking your kids these 'would you rather' questions can help them to do just that and give you the opportunity to learn more about them than ever before.

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Kids remind us of what the world would look like if we didn’t let outside stressors get us down.

If you’re lucky enough to be surrounded by either your own or other’s children, I’m sure you’ve learned some lessons. Whether the characteristic of patience or the importance of laughter, kids continue to surprise us.

As they are the future generation, we must guide them in ways that promote curiosity, intellect, and excitement. Well, what if I said you can do that right now?

During times of boredom, especially in quarantine, it’s beneficial to have some go-to activities that get your child thinking. Having a set of questions to kids will not only give you insight into their personality but also foster compelling discussions.

One of the most interesting games to play with kids is the 'would you rather' question game. The comparison between two choices is a simple, yet effective, conversation starter.

In an effort to keep your child busy and push them to imagine different scenarios, here are 65 'would you rather' questions for kids.

Fun would you rather questions for kids

1. Control the outcome of any coin flip or be unbeatable at rock, paper, scissors?

2. Be too hot or too cold?

3. Be able to change the color of your hair whenever you want or be able to change the length of your hair whenever you want?

4. Never have to sleep or never have to eat?

5. Sneeze uncontrollably for 15 minutes once every day or sneeze once every 3 minutes of the day while you are awake?

6. Have an extra finger or an extra toe?

7. Have one eye in the middle of your head or two noses?

8. Only be able to crawl on all fours or only be able to walk backward?

9. Live in a house-shaped like a circle or a house shaped like a triangle?

10. Have eyes that change color depending on your mood or hair that changes color depending on the temperature?

11. Be able to see things that are very far away, like binoculars or be able to see things very close up, like a microscope?

12. Constantly itch or always have a cough?

13. Have a magic carpet that flies or your own personal robot?

14. Be able to fly or be invisible?

15. Play hide and seek or dodgeball?

16. Be a wizard or a superhero?

17. Only be able to whisper or have an incredibly loud voice?

18. Brush your teeth with soap or drink sour milk?

19. Have a purple nose or green ears?

20. Have 3 legs or 3 arms?

21. Have a hand twice as big or half as small?

22. Have to wear a clown wig or a clown nose for the rest of your life?

23. Only be able to wear your swimsuit for the rest of your life or only be able to wear pants and a winter coat?

24. Have a pool or a trampoline?

25. Sweat honey or always smell like a skunk?

Would you rather questions about animals

26. Be able to control the weather or have the ability to talk to animals?

27. Be a bird or a horse?

28. Have a pet dinosaur or a pet dragon?

29. Have butterfly wings or a horsetail?

30. Have a pet panda bear or a pet zebra?

31. Kiss a frog or hug a snake?

32. Discover a hidden treasure or discover a living dinosaur?

33. Be able to jump as far as a kangaroo or hold your breath as long as a whale?

34. Have an elephant-sized cat or a cat-sized elephant?

35. Be able to talk to dogs or cats?

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Insightful would you rather questions for kids

36. Be a doctor or a scientist?

37. Go to the zoo or aquarium?

38. Do a book report or a science project for a school assignment?

39. Fly an airplane or drive a fire truck?

40. Be able to remember everything in every book you read or remember every conversation you have?

41. Be the funniest person alive or the smartest person alive?

42. Be able to create a new holiday or create a new language?

43. Be a famous singer or a famous actor?

44. Live in the sky or under the sea?

45. Be a master at painting or an amazing dancer?

46. Ride a roller coaster or go down a giant water slide?

47. Have a private movie theater or your own private arcade?

48. Have a room with whiteboard walls that you can draw on or a room where the whole ceiling is one big skylight?

49. Be able to learn everything in a book by putting it under your pillow while you sleep or be able to control your dreams every night?

50. Have no homework or no tests?

51. Learn to surf or learn to ride a skateboard?

52. Live in a place with a lot of trees or live in a place near the ocean?

53. Do school work as a group or by yourself?

54. Be the fastest person in the world or can freeze time?

55. Play in the snow in the mountains or in the sand at the beach?

Would you rather questions about food

56. Not be allowed to watch TV for a year or not be allowed to eat any sweets for a year?

57. Eat broccoli flavored ice cream or meat-flavored cookies?

58. Eat a popsicle or a cupcake?

59. Have an unlimited supply of ice cream or a popular ice cream flavor named after you?

60. Eat a turkey sandwich with vanilla ice cream inside or eat vanilla ice cream with bits of turkey inside?

61. Eat a whole raw onion or a whole lemon?

62. Eat a bowl of spaghetti noodles without sauce or a bowl of spaghetti sauce without noodles?

63. Jump into a pool of chocolate pudding or a pool of strawberry ice cream?

64. Eat a pizza for every meal or ice cream for every meal?

65. Eat pancakes or waffles for breakfast?

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