8 Smart Ways To Stop Yourself From Eating Everything When You Have The Munchies

There's nothing more tempting than the munchies.

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You had a stressful day at work and just want to unwind. So you decide to smoke some weed. You’re enjoying yourself— until the cravings start coming on.

Naturally, instead of trying to figure out how to stop the munchies, you indulge.

“I’ll just have a few chips,” you say. Until a few becomes the whole bag. And why stop at the chips when you just stocked up on your favorite candy? Why stop at the candy when you can also make mac and cheese?


This vicious cycle goes on until you finally fall asleep.

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Trust me when I say I know this all too well. For me, getting high became more about the food than the experience itself.


It was my excuse to binge all the food I tried to avoid during the day. Smoking weed was my chance to let go of self-control and do what I really wanted to do: eat, a lot.

My boyfriend and I started to look forward to chilling out and eating a bunch of food together. This made it so much harder to stop. It was quality time together, so how could it be bad?

Well, it was bad.

As someone who has always struggled with a healthy relationship with food, these binges sent me into a downward spiral. I started blaming weed for being the reason I felt so controlled by food.

And even though I loved getting high with my man, I knew I had to give it up in order to get my eating back on track. I couldn’t have one without the other, right? Wrong.


Contrary to popular belief, it’s totally possible to be high and stop the munchies. I know that because I’m proud to say I’ve done it.

The hardest part of breaking the cycle was changing the habit entirely. Heading out for snacks became part of the routine for getting high. We were used to putting on a show and eating throughout the whole episode.

So I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t feel like there’s something missing. But with time and practice, it’s gotten easier.

I no longer view weed as the red devil on my shoulder. I’m focused on having fun and appreciating the high as opposed to stuffing it. Here are eight smart ways to stop the munchies.


1. Eat a meal before you smoke.

By getting high on a full stomach, you’ll be less tempted to reach for the snacks. Since you just ate, you shouldn’t be truly hungry.

So when you think you can’t live without food in your stomach, remind yourself that it’s probably just the weed talking. If you wouldn’t be hungry if you were sober, you’re probably not hungry now.

2. Go for a walk.

Doing some sort of relaxing physical activity while you’re high will set your mind straight. You’ll feel good about moving your body and realize that it’s better for you than eating a lot of food.

Not to mention, a weed high can be enhanced by a small adventure. Take advantage of believing you’re in a snow globe (I thought that once) and make the most of your high.


3. Watch a TV show or movie.

Although this used to play into my bad habits, there’s something to be said about focusing on an engaging plotline. When you become immersed in a story while high, it can be hard to get out of it. This means you won’t be thinking about food as much.

Some of my favorites to watch while high are New Girl, That 70s Show, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and Ratatouille. Get to watching!

4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Sometimes one of the easiest ways to beat the munchies is to trick your mind and give it water. By increasing your water intake while high, you’ll not only curb dry mouth but create a “fullness” that won’t need to be filled with food.

When you’re close to calling Papa John’s, drink water. You’ll still get the satisfaction of putting something in your stomach without all the calories.


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5. Create a space for deep conversation.

As I said, my boyfriend is usually with me when I’m high so we like to open up the floor to genuine conversation. We’ve asked each other things that we might not have the courage to say without the effects of cannabis.

We’ve also found fun questions to ask online. However you decide it best to form a discussion, do it. A good conversation will keep your mind occupied. If you’re high alone, you can journal some thoughts or text someone.

6. Have healthy foods nearby.

If by chance you can’t avoid the munchies anymore, make sure to have healthy options available. Fruits, vegetables, or almonds are a great place to start.


By having a healthy back-up plan, you’ll feel less restricted. Plus, it helps to eat foods that don’t evoke feelings of guilt and are good for you. There’s nothing worse than a food hangover the next day.

7. Get out some board games.

Monopoly, Life, and Yahtzee are just some examples of the games you can play while high. They will pass the time and create a fun atmosphere, one that isn’t revolving around food.

Again, this is something you would do if you’re with other people. So if there’s no one else around, play a game on your phone or whip out cards for Solitaire.


8. Practice self talk.

It’s important to be able to talk yourself off the ledge if you’re about to give in to the munchies. Tell yourself that it’s not necessary and you just want to enjoy being high.

Remind yourself how you’ll feel in the morning if you eat everything. Will your stomach hurt? Probably. Will you regret it? Most definitely.

It can be hard to stop yourself from eating while you’re high.

If by chance you make a decision you’re not happy with, forgive yourself. It’s not the end of the world if you do some snacking.

At the end of the day, it’s all about giving your body the love it deserves. If that means eating your favorite chips, so be it. Enjoy the high and don’t take things too seriously.


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