18 Struggles Only Girls Who Are Chronically Hungry Understand

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You know how when you meet a new guy you're really into, you want to be with, text, hug and spoon him all the time? 24/7? But you know that you can't, because it would be super creepy, freak him out, and lead you to inevitably die alone someday?

Think of being a chronically hungry girl in those terms: food is that amazing dude, and we need him. But we know that if we actually had him that much and that often, we'd have diabetes instead of a boyfriend.

Basically, food is a wonderful thing. It's so wonderful, in fact, that it can sometimes be crippling.

If you've ever found yourself stashing snacks in your desk drawer at work to the point of being completely unable to find a pen, or planning your weekends around where and when you score some macaroni and cheese, it means something: you, like me, are chronically hungry. Or, just bored and telling yourself that you're hungry so you have an excuse to gorge.

In any case, here's how hard life can be when you world revolves around your next fix of edibles. And we're not talking about the marijuana variety, because you don't need it — you already have the munchies constantly.

No matter where you are, food is on your mind.

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Jennifer Lawrence I'm starving

You're legitimately concerned about your health.

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Nicki Minaj hungry

Your rainy weekends pretty much look like this.

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Johnny Depp eating chips

As soon as you start thinking of the perfect beach body, you stop caring.

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beach legs ice cream

This rings very, very true.

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adventure time i love food more than i love people

You occasionally bite off more than you can chew ... literally.

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spongebob squarepants patrick chewing drooling

You're always the first person at the restaurant or table ... and you hate waiting.

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new girl winston can we eat now

If attaining food were this easy, you'd have so much less anxiety. You'd also have to be burned out of your apartment.

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baby eating from a book

This is your idea of a living nightmare.

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tina fey as liz lemon on 30 rock there's no cake

When dessert comes out, conversations stop abruptly.

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taking your cake

When you have people over, this is your first exchange.

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101 dalmatians hungry

Those closest to you know that your moods are pretty much governed by your belly.

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hungry donald duck

You know what true love is.

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ryan gosling the notebook bacon

When you're hangry, the world knows to watch out.

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black and white gif of a woman holding a handgun with her fingers on the trigger

You've cancelled plans — or at least considered it — based on how long you'd go without snacks.

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alice in wonderland white rabbit disney eat

Candy Crush is triggering.

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sesame street muppet candy shaking

You've been asked by wait staff if you're expecting anyone else ... based on how much food you ordered just for yourself.

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cameron diaz bad teacher eating bucket of fried chicken

Whenever you see something edible, you silently utter these words.

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fat bastard get in my belly