17 Virtual Date Ideas When You're Quarantining Apart From Your Partner

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17 Virtual Date Ideas When You're Quarantining Apart From Your Partner

When you're in a relationship, any kind of distance can be tough. But with quarantine rules making it impossible to know when you’re going to see your partner next, you now essentially have a long-distance relationship, which is more difficult than ever before.

Daily phone calls and texts ease the pain of missing them, but when you're not physically together, it’s hard to keep the sparks flying. If you’re quarantining apart from your boo thing, welcome to the world of the long-distance relationship.

You don’t have the luxury of spending endless hours together, so you have to get extra creative to keep your connection strong.

The remedy? Finding virtual date ideas that let you spend time together, even though you're apart.

Who wants to spend your calls grieving over how much you miss spending quality time together, when you could be using it to make some new memories? And with platforms like FaceTime, Zoom, Google Hangouts, and even Facebook Messenger, thinking of date night ideas should come easy.

Here are 15 virtual date ideas that will make you forget about the miles and the time apart, and remind you that absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

1. Cook a meal together.

Prop up your phone or laptop up on your kitchen counter and prepare the same recipe.

Each of you can be responsible for choosing a course of two. At least this way, if one of you burns dessert, the other doesn’t have to eat it. 

2. Have an outdoor picnic.

Lay out a blanket and some snacks in your separate backyards, and call each other while you soak up the sun rays. Use this time to reminisce about your favorite summer memories together. 

3. Go on a wine tour — at home.

Bring the vineyard home by putting a range of different wines throughout your house, and take your phone to each room to taste a sip (or two). You can coordinate to buy the same wines or try a whole bunch of different ones so you each have new favorites when you’re reunited. 

4. Do a couples workout.

Follow along with an online workout class or video by streaming it on your laptop or TV. Then, open a video chat in another tab or on your phone.

You’ll stay fit and connected, and be ready to spot each other during weight sessions when you can get back to the gym.

5. Start a book club.

Read the same book and discuss it together. It's like an actual book club, but there's only two of you in it!

Now, you'll have a way to occupy your time and feel connected, even when you’re not video chatting. Or, you can read each other’s favorite book and share your reactions. 

6. Watch the sunset together.

FaceTime one another as the sun is beginning to go down, and observe the beauty of the sunset with your partner. This will help you not feel so far apart. You’re both looking at the same sun, after all. 

7. Go on a walk.

It can be challenging to feel close to your partner when your video calls are repetitive. Getting out for a stroll while on the phone will feel like you're sharing quality time again. 

8. Play games.

Games are the perfect ice-breakers for parties and in-person hangouts. They can also shake things up in your virtual dates.

Play “Truth Or Dare” and “Never Have I Ever,” and you’ll be sure to be laughing hysterically for hours. 

9. Have a movie night.

Use Netflix Party to sync up your laptops and watch the same movie together at the exact same time. Netflix Party allows you to message in a chatbox as well while the movie plays. 

10. Take a virtual tour.

If you’re missing days out with your partner, try video calling while you both go on a virtual tour. It will feel just like you’re strolling through a museum or gallery together, but you don’t have to be quiet and you can take as many photos (screenshots) as you like. 

11. Curate a couples playlist.

Just like all the boys in the early 2000s TV shows did, make a playlist online for your partner with music that reminds you of them. Then, link them to it.

Or, use Spotify’s collaborative playlist option to build a soundtrack together and introduce each other to some new music. Make it the soundtrack to your kitchen dance party on your next call. 

12. Send them a care package.

Get creative and send a box of memorabilia from your first date or favorite trip. Throw in some of your favorite photos together, their favorite snacks, and spray it with your perfume or cologne so it reminds them of you as soon as they open it.

Or, send them a boozy delivery on Drizly for virtual drinks. 

13. Make a photo album.

Nothing is better than looking back at old times. Make a collaborative album on iPhone or Dropbox to share  memories you’ve captured together. Or, share unseen moments you never knew you’d snapped of each other. 

14. Take quizzes online.

Play couples quizzes online to see who knows who better, or reignite your love with this list of questions. This is a fun way to add structure to your calls and get you talking about memories you may have forgotten. 

15. Learn something new.

Sign up for an online seminar together or watch the same tutorials on YouTube.

Pick an area that interests you both and discuss what you learn. You could both be fluent in French or experts in embroidery by the time you’re reunited.

16. Get intimate.

Long-distance relationships lack physical intimacy, but you can still get steamy from a distance.

Send flirty texts about how badly you miss them, or wear cheeky lingerie on your video calls. Just make sure you really trust your partner for this. The internet is permanent, remember?

17. Make plans for the future.

You need something to look forward to, so arrange your dream date(s) for when you can next see each other.

Send each other links to restaurants, holiday destinations, and events that you want to go to together. Then compile a to-do list of date ideas!

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