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Is Bhad Bhabie Dating Yung Bans? The Cryptic Leg Tattoo That Suggest They're A Couple

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Is Bhad Bhabie Dating Yung Bans? The Cryptic Leg Tattoo That Suggest They're A Couple

When Danielle Bregoli, better known as Bhad Bhabie, first appeared on The Dr. Phil Show, few if any realized the impact she would have on pop culture — and hip hop, in particular. 

Yet, here she is, and here we are. 

Even though, these days, she's better known for her brawls and her love life than she is for her music, Bhad Bhabie still knows how to make headlines. 

Now, she's managed to make waves because of her new rumored man. 

Are Bhad Bhabie and Yung Bans dating?

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Let's look at what we know about these latest rumors. 

Bhad Bhabie got his name tattooed on her thigh. 

After Yung Bans posted an Instagram Story in which he said, "if you love me, get my name tatted," Bhad Bhabie took to her own Instagram to reveal the beginnings of a tattoo on her leg. The tattoo reads "Vas," which is Yung Bans' "government" first name. Shortly after Bhad Bhabie made the post, Yung Bans made his Instagram private. However, he reportedly reposted Bhad Bhabie's post, which seemed to confirm .... maybe that they're dating? You can check out Bhad Bhabie's post below. 


Who is Yung Bans?

Born Vas Coleman in St. Louis, MO, Yung Bans is considered an Atlanta, GA-based rapper because he and his family moved there when he was in the seventh grade. When he first started rapping, he was known as "Ban Boy," but after he graduated high school, he became "Yung Bans." He recently released his debut albumMisunderstood. 

It should be noted that Yung Bans is 20 years old, while Bhad Bhabie is 17 years old. While on the surface, that doesn't seem like a bad age difference (only 3 years), the age of consent in California is, for all intents and purposes, 18 years old. 

He recently beat a murder case.

There's a reason you've only recently heard about Yung Bans: because for almost five years, he couldn't properly promote his music thanks to a murder charge he was fighting. Back in 2015, when he was only 15 years old, he was arrested for felony burglary and murder charges. He spent four months after his arrest in a youth detention center, then was placed under house arrest. He stayed under house arrest until December 2019, when he was finally acquitted of the charges. Because of those looming felonies, he couldn't properly promote his music, though he was able to give limited phone interviews. 

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Prior to Yung Bans, Bhad Bhabie made headlines for reportedly dating Chief Keef and YoungBoy NBA. 

Prior to reportedly dating Yung Bans, Bhad Bhabie was rumored to be hooking up with rapper Chief Keef. This rumored relationship left Chief Keef's baby mama very upset — and she was the one who broke the story on her Instagram page! At the time, too, Bhad Bhabie was only 16 years old, whereas Chief Keef was 24 years old at the time. Ultimately, neither confirmed that they were dating. She was also reportedly dating YoungBoy NBA, and — like with Yung Bans — she got his name tattooed on her. However, when they split, she got his name covered up

She also recently came under fire for her comments about her "hood upbringing."

Bhad Bhabie frequently, and perhaps justifiably, comes under a lot of criticism for her antics. Her most recent backlash came because of her comments about her "hood upbringing." Bhad Bhabie had come under fire for "blackfishing," which is the act of appropriating Black culture in photoshoots and video shoots without actually being Black. In response, Bhad Bhabie claimed she couldn't be "blackfishing" because she was brought up in the hood. She compared herself to Tarzan — a fictional man who was raised amongst apes — and many believed that Bhad Bhabie was equating a "hood upbringing" and "being Black" with "the jungle" and all its racist undertones. Yikes.

Yung Bans hasn't commented on the Bhad Barbie dating rumors. 

Aside from reposting Bhad Bhabie's latest tattoo, Yung Bans hasn't commented on the rumors about him dating Bhad Bhabie either way. However, we'll definitely keep you posted if something should change in that regard. 

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