How To Harness The Power Of Your Feminine Energy To Manifest True Love

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How To Use Your Feminine Energy To Manifest Love

No one would believe me if I told them how amazing my marriage and relationship is. Sometimes it even surprises me!

I've suffered in relationships since I was 15 years old. When I was 16, I read a fascinating book entitled Codependent No More. It described me in each chapter with every detail.

After my failed marriage in 2012 I read about being a “love addict,” and that was a mean wake-up call for me.

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I wasn't good in relationships and always found myself with a man who triggered all of my insecurities.

Years of therapy didn’t help much. And asking a man to not do the things that triggered me didn’t work, either.

Two tools for transformation.

Finally, I came across two things that created a magical formula for transformation: Becoming aware of the ego-mind and its relentless negativity, and the "feminine and masculine energy dance."

With these tools, I created a romance reserved for fairytales — and you can, too.

My biggest asset by far is my feminine energy.

It's such a powerful agent of change.

What do I mean by "using" feminine energy?

Here's how you can harness the power of your own feminine energy in order to create lasting, romantic love in your relationship.

  • Let go of controlling your man (what he says and does)
  • Respect his masculine decisions
  • Never nag, criticize, or blame when you communicate
  • Stop managing your man and the relationship
  • Never engage in mothering your man (giving him advice on work, health, etc.)
  • Learn to feel deeply and connect to your man’s heart with your own vulnerability
  • Spend more time "flowing" and "being" instead of thinking
  • Learn to receive your man’s love, affection, gifts, and acts of heroism
  • Allow your man to lead the relationship timeline
  • Become present and live more fully in the moment
  • Love your body and take care of your feminine beauty
  • Spend more time in nature
  • Allow yourself to be free, fun, and delightfully playful when you want

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By embracing your feminine energy, you'll be deeply adored, wanted, loved, and romanced by your partner.

Your man will want to put your needs and feelings ahead of his own.

He'll be drawn to you like a magnet; he'll want to spend time with you, and tell you how beautiful he finds you.

He'll do the chores you need help with and tune into your needs. And when you're tired, overwhelmed, or sad, he'll step in to give you the support you need.

By embracing you — your own magnetism and feminine energy — you'll allow him to come to you with his own masculine energy.

All of these gifts are a direct result of the feminine and masculine energy dance.

When your partner feels like a respected, honored, and appreciated man, he will in turn be inspired to cherish, romance, and devote his love and direct all his attention toward you.

Many women operate from their "masculine energy," which doesn't allow them to show vulnerability and accept the love they're looking for.

In this case, men may not feel inspired to cherish their feelings or do anything to ensure their happiness.

Instead, these men feel their women are in competition with them for power, control, and respect.

You must learn how to release this masculine energy so you can be loved and adored.

Refocus your primary energy and watch things change.

You may not see how masculine you're being, or perhaps are afraid and refuse to let go of this way of being.

Redirecting your attitude and energy is hard work. Try this a little at a time, however, and see how the man in your life reacts. You may be pleasantly surprised!

Then, keep it up until it feels comfortable and becomes natural. You'll be motivated by the masculine gifts you receive from your man in return.

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Malena Violeta is a dating and relationship coach who wants to help you find the love of your life. For more information about how she can help you, visit her website here.

This article was originally published at Art of Loving a Man. Reprinted with permission from the author.