How You Act In Quarantine, Based On Your Enneagram Type

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How You Act During Quarantine, Based On Your Enneagram Type

The Enneagram is an ancient model for understanding human personality types. The 9 enneagram types are used by psychologists to this day as a powerful method for gaining insight into our personalities, how to work with them, and how to improve the way we connect with others. 

We’re in a wild time right now where being trapped in close quarters with others is having an effect on our interactions and outlooks. Shielding, cocooning and isolating is probably playing with all of us in different ways, but separating ordinary cabin fever from deep-rooted stress is difficult if we’re not in touch with our personality type.

Understanding the Enneagram will help make sense of how you and the people you care about are responding to the current crisis. And to start, you can take the personality test and discover which type you are.

We’ve broken down how the different enneagram types are responding to staying inside, so you can appropriately communicate with people in your inner circle.

How do the enneagram types act in quarantine? 

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1. The Reformer

Type 1 is rational and dutiful, so they will have their work from home routines down, and will try to figure out the most logical way to keep stocked and organized while in isolation.

They are likely to be critical of how others are responding to the situation. Did their neighbors have to host a family BBQ last week with 15 guests? Does that lady in the grocery store really need the 5 packets of toilet paper in her cart?

The Reformer can sometimes feel overly responsible for the problems of the world and would benefit from taking a step back and subduing their inner critic. 

2. The Helper

Type 2 might be struggling by being away from their community and the people they typically assist. They’re likely to make care packages and deliver essential items to people in need.

The world is in need of the supportiveness of the Helper, so they should let their optimistic energy be felt virtually by checking in with friends.

But type 2 also needx to be careful about not over-committing themselves at this time. Rushing out to make sure your neighbor has enough canned goods is putting yourself at risk! It’s important for them to look after themselves and let the people around them do the same. 

3. The Achiever

The Achiever is probably feeling inconvenienced by the current situation and the impact it’s having on their ability to pursue goals. Their adaptive nature means they have the ability to restructure their routines and continue to strive for success.

However, this means they are not confronting some of their emotions, and this deal-with-this-later mentality can lead to more stress in the long run. Meditation is a great way for a type 3 enneagram to start the day so they can connect with a sense of inner peace before continuing their daily grind. 

4. The Individualist

You might expect that type 4 would thrive under the current quarantine rules, but having all this time to dwell on the problems in the world can be detrimental to their psyche. The Individualist is probably feeling trapped and uninspired, which causes stress when they cannot create and compel others.

They can be overly sensitive to outside influences and dramatic about the fate of the world. These feelings can be managed by keeping communication with people and continuing to be expressive without being pessimistic.

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5. The Investigator

Aside from the global crisis part, this is type 5's dream scenario. Like type 4, they have no problem keeping to themselves. They were probably practicing social distancing before it became mandatory! 

The Investigator will have researched lockdown protocols across the globe and will be practicing whatever quarantine method they deem the most successful. 

6. The Loyalist

This situation is the exact worst-case scenario type 6 will have envisioned for months now, but that won’t make them any less anxious. The Loyalist needs to feel secure, so they have most likely stockpiled and warned the people in their circle about the dangers of infrequent hand-washing.

They will need a lot of guidance and answers to their questions at this time, as the social unrest will no doubt generate stress for them.

7. The Enthusiast 

Type 7 is probably struggling the most while staying indoors. After canceling their upcoming trips and social events, the Enthusiast is finding it difficult to occupy their time.

Their natural optimism makes them a good companion, but internally they are likely to be feeling trapped and bored. They are driven by spontaneity, which is difficult in quarantine. This enneagram type must switch up their scenery, moving between rooms and getting outside as much as is safe. 

8. The Challenger

Like the Helper, type 8 will be protective of their inner circle, ensuring they are well-stocked on food and supplies. However, this is born out of a need to be dominating and in control, rather than a desire to help.

The Challenger will feel frustrated by how superior powers are handling the situation and will suffer from lack of control, so they will need a lot of reassurance. They need to be careful not to let the pessimistic news stories in their group chats get to them too much.   

9. The Peacemaker

Type 9 can be apathetic about decisions and don’t mind the lack of control over their life path, but they will be struggling with uncertainty and the disruption to their usual rituals.

The Peacemaker doesn’t like feeling pressure to perform, so unless they establish a solid routine, they are unlikely to use their time in quarantine wisely. Netflix might provide easy comfort, but shouldn’t take priority over making important life plans. 

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