How To Worship God At Home During Quarantine

You don't have to be at church to worship God. Let your own home be a place of worship.

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Worshiping God at home can help with feeling alone during the quarantine.

Especially during these times of chaos, learning to trust God more can improve our spiritual needs.

No matter how much distraction we have in the world, worshipping helps steer our focus back on God.

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Being stuck at home increases our stress because it feels as though we have less control over our lives.

When we worship God, even in the comfort of our homes, we make room for Him to move through us.

Our way of worshipping Him can be through prayer for others' safety and health.

We sacrifice our worries and anxiety to God when we give him the steering wheel.

Perhaps, you find it difficult because you’re worried about the longevity of the coronavirus.

Whatever the foreshadowing comes down to, God has a purpose for certain events.

During these times, God wants to know who will trust in him no matter how much darkness may shadow the world.


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Loving others and staying connected is another way of worshipping God because we have the ability to remind others about God’s promises for our lives.

Worshipping God is a reminder to us who He is and who He represents.

He created light, darkness, Earth, and sky. One of the last things we should do is give in to life’s scare, and forgetting who created life first.

“He made the night, He made the day;

Spread the earth upon the waters.

Made the heavens and the rain;

Look at the sky, see His design.

The very same Creator is the one who gave us life.” — Rebecca St. James


Where do we start when it comes down to being challenged to worship God at home. I’ve asked this same question numerous times.

Here are 10 ways to worship God at home while social distancing and staying in quarantine.

1. Set a prayer time.

Prayer helps your home’s atmosphere feel more peaceful.

Get a comfortable cushion and try taking an hour or so to talk with God. He longs to be invited into our hearts every day.

When we take the time to pray to Him in our homes, it gives a peaceful atmosphere to be in.

Personally, the more I talk with God about whatever is going in my life, or how I feel, the more the weight on my shoulders is lifted.

It feels like I’m physically giving God all my problems, and letting my spirit flow within Him.


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2. Play music.

Playing worship music helps set the mood.

When we have no words to say when it comes to praying to Him, perhaps playing worship music can set the mood.

Christian bands like Hillsong and Bethel help amplify worship so that we can feel more intimate with God.

Songs have a powerful way of controlling how we feel.

Worship music provides a soothing and sacred holy ground for us to feel completely open to God. Here are recommended worship songs, if you are not familiar with some.

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  • What A Beautiful Name by Hillsong
  • Way Maker by Leeland
  • Even When It Hurts by Hillsong United
  • Ever Be (Live) by Bethel Music
  • Holy Water by We the Kingdom

3. Do a daily devotional.

Having a devotional time improves our relationship with God.


Even though this might be a given, we tend to get too distracted to even read a chapter from the Bible. It is the bread that we need to survive life.

Think of the Word of God as a strong tower. When we lose our passion to get to know God through his word, there are several harmful effects that come to play.

We have the potential to give in to sin more easily. We forget the blessings that God has for us when we’re obedient.

When a crisis happens, like the COVID 19, we tend to lose hope in the future for a brighter day.

God cannot use us for His missions if we don’t learn what He’s about.

Probably the most important set back is our love for God.


When we lose sight of Him we forget about his mercy and sacrifice that He voluntarily shared, so that we could have eternal freedom.

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4. Hold on to your faith.

This is a good time to fast when praying for hope.

As a religious observation, fasting is when someone voluntarily forces themselves to stop eating all or some kind of food.

Fasting primarily limits only water in order to purify the bodies.

For many Christians, this can go on for days or even weeks depending on how desperate our observation to seek hope and answers to worldly or personal guidance.

Others also try intermittent fasting which is when someone cycles their periods of eating and fasting through their routine.


Not only does fasting improve our health but it also focuses on our hunger for God. It’s a remembrance of who the ultimate provider is.

“That is why the Lord says, ‘Turn to me now, while there is time. Give me your hearts. Come with fasting, weeping, and mourning." —​ Joel 2:12

5. Write.

Taking the time to write our blessings helps us become more humble.

Writing every day about everything and everyone God has blessed you with, reduces our anxiety during isolation.

Thank God for all that He’s provided us, open our hearts to God. This gives us more room to fill our hearts with compassion, selflessness, and kindness.

Journaling every day is essential to our overall self-care. It’s a reminder to share our thoughts and feelings daily.


Showing gratitude daily helps us keep connected with our loved ones, appreciate the basic essentials around us to avoid greed.

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6. Love others.

Staying connected with others by expressing love.

There’s not a week that goes by during these times, I don’t pick up my phone to check on my loved ones.

Staying connecting from home, reminds us of the most important thing in life, which is having a relationship with others.

If you’re not face timing friends and other loved ones, this is a time to bridge any gaps with the loved ones under the same roof.

We never know when someone is on the brink of losing hope, and it’s healthy for us to stay connected to ensure hope for the future.


God didn’t give us a heart to simply pump blood throughout our bodies.

We have been threaded together to serve others, and to love each other enough to get through difficult times.

7. Be fit.

Take the time to take care of the mind and body God gave you.

I cannot stress enough how important self-care is for each and every individual person.

Practicing yoga is a great way to get a workout in the comfort of your home. It’s also shown to improve our mental focus, which we can use on our relationship with God during these times.

Also, doing body workouts, even with a couple of free weights, improves our energy, and sends dopamine and serotonin to our brain.


Our body is a holy temple. God desires us to feel good in it no matter what size or how many tattoos we have.

It’s a way to fight the good fight during COVID 19, and it helps reduce any anxiety or depression.

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8. Attend church online.

Online church services keep us connected to listening to the word of God.

When we stay in tune for church service online, we express dedication not only to our church but also to God.

The Devil always has ways to knock down the church. When we meditate on the fact that the congregation is the church, then we strip the Devil of his power.

If you’re in a women’s group or young adults, it’s important that we all stay connected to pull each other through the dark times.


Usually, my young adult group and I discuss what we’re all going through emotionally and mentally.

Apart from God wants us all to connect, we’re reminded that we’re not alone in fear.

It’s a fantastic way to encourage each other weekly to trust God and His word.

9. Get moving.

Dance your worries away like David.

In the Bible, 2 Samuel 6: 14-22 explains that David danced before the Lord, as the Ark of the Lord was being transported onto a new cart.

David was inspired to dance, while appropriately carrying the Ark in priest clothing.

Dancing before the Lord tells our spirits that God is near. He is the light and hope that is ahead of us.

The mistake David made at first, was dancing onto the Lord without a holy garment.


Dancing in righteousness is a sign of praise, God’s restoration in our lives, and praising His victory.

Put Mandisa's song 'It's a Good Morning' and rock your socks off.

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10. Subscribe to a podcast.

Listening to Inspiring, Christian podcasts can keep us looking forward.

The podcast has become a trend that has made millions of recorded interviews from preachers, speakers, artists, and more.

If you feel bombarded with mindless chores, school work, or walking your dog, then try putting on your headphones while multitasking.

Podcasts are usually conversations so our perspectives will become larger.


It’s free entertainment to stay connected with God, on other days besides just Sundays.

Podcasts dive into deep conversations, without having a full audience staring back at them.

They seem more direct because it’s usually two more people building off of each other’s responses.

Here are some Christian podcasts I recommend to steer your focus back to God during the quarantine:

  • Identity by Youth Ministry
  • Inside Out by Bykota Ministry
  • Harvest by Greg Laurie
  • Lead Stories by Jo Saxon and Steph Williams

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