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5 Good Podcasts For Women — Led By Women — To Empower You During Coronavirus Quarantine

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Good Podcasts For Women — Led By Women — To Empower You During Coronavirus Quarantine

Now that all of our daily routines are pretty much obsolete while we sit at home in quarantine, finding entertainment that isn’t totally mind-numbing is proving to be a difficult task. As much as it sucks having all this time in the day to have to occupy ourselves, the one upside to isolation during the coronavirus pandemic is the chance it gives us to learn something new and broaden our perspectives.

Podcasts are an awesome way to keep the brain active even while chilling out. So while our daily commute is now just a couple of steps out of bed and our gym sessions have been replaced with home workouts, that doesn't mean there isn’t plenty of listening time in our days.

The amazing women behind these 5 good podcasts for women will leave you feeling inspired and entertained, giving you a fresh perspective on current affairs and a break from all this impending doom.

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1. She’s On the Money

I get that entertainment and personal finances rarely go hand in hand, but trust me when I say that this podcast makes taking control of your budgeting weirdly enjoyable.

Money expert Victoria Devine and journalist Georgia King are an intelligent female duo helping an audience of strong (financially) independent women achieve goals from buying homes, expanding shopping budgets to traveling the globe.

Available on: Spotify, Apple

Good podcast episodes: COVID-19: What Not To Do During A Crisis, The Signs of Financial Abuse Are Often Not That Clear

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2. Call Your Girlfriend

We’re all feeling the struggle of long-distance friendships right now, so this podcast has never been more relevant. Aminata Sow and Ann Friedman’s are two longtime friends and the recordings of their weekly calls will make you feel like you’re chatting with your bestie.

The podcast centers around conversations about pop culture, politics and current affairs from an intersectional feminist perspective. I’m obsessed with their ability to be informative while maintaining a razor-sharp wit that makes these 40 minute episodes fun from start to finish.

Available on: Spotify, Apple

Good podcast episodes: Can a Woman Be President?, The Science of Friendship

3. Why Won’t You Date Me?

Comedian Nicole Byer breaks down modern dating in this honest analysis of the trial and tribulations of a perpetually single woman navigating relationships (or lack of!). This show regularly has me laughing out loud as Byer bravely invites former flames, friends and colleagues on and asks them the titular question.

Listening to this podcast is like a live reading of you and your best friends' most private texts. Things can get pretty juicy on this one so keep your headphones in if there are kids around!

Available on: Spotify, Apple

Good podcast episodes: Recognizing Your Self-Worth, Open Relationships

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4. How To Be A Girl

Moms and daughters will love this one. Marlo Mack speaks candidly about motherhood and raising a transgender daughter. Listening to all the challenges this amazing single mom and her inspiring daughter overcome is so heartwarming you’ll wish you were part of the family.

The podcast features frequent and interesting interrogations into womanhood. I’ve listened to every episode and have learned so much about gender identity in the modern age.

Available on: Spotify, Apple

Good podcast episodes: IV Tom-Boy vs Trans Girl, XXX Emma At Last

5. The Broad Experience

Journalist Ashley Milne-Tyte challenges the good, the bad and the unequal nature of the female experience in the workplace. The episodes are short and to the point (usually under 30 minutes!). They feature influential guests and thoughtful discussions on pay gaps, the glass ceiling and are super inspiring for women seeking to advance and improve their careers.

These episodes always leave me feeling inspired and powerful.

Available on: Spotify, Apple

Good podcast episodes: When Men Stay At Home, The Ambition Decisions

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