Who Is Daisy Keech, Brody Jenner's New Girlfriend?

Does he have a new lady in his life?

Who Is Daisy Keech, Brody Jenner's New Girlfriend And Super-Famous TikTok Star? Youtube

One of the biggest storylines from The Hills: New Beginnings revolved around Brody Jenner's relationship with Kaitlynn Carter. There, it was revealed that even though he proposed to the model and influencer sometime back in 2016, and they were "married" in Bali in 2018, their union wasn't recognized as "legal" in the United States. 

Despite all this, the couple seemed to be very sad when they announced their separation in 2019, after a five-year relationship that seemed to have its fair share of ups and downs but, at the core, featured two people who were very much in love. 


Now, however, that Jenner and Carter are no longer together, Jenner's been moving on with his life...and now, he seems to be doing it in a very public way with a very popular TikTok star. 

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So who is Daisy Keech, Brody Jenner's rumored new girlfriend? Let's look at what we know about her.

Who is Daisy Keech, Brody Jenner's rumored new girlfriend? She's a popular TikTok star who used to be part of the Hype House collective. 

At just 20 years old, Keech is already on her way to becoming a bonafide superstar thanks to her huge TikTok following (where she has almost 4 million followers as of this writing). She also used to be a part of the Hype House collective with 21-year-old Thomas Petrou and 17-year-old Chase "Lil Huddy" Hudson.



A post shared by Daisy Keech (@daisykeech) on Mar 27, 2020 at 11:09am PDT

She is currently involved in a lawsuit against the Hype House collective. 


Not long ago, Keech announced that she'd left the Hype House collective in a video which you can see above. She then went on to detail all of the abuses she claims went on at the Los Angeles base of the Hype House collective, and revealed that she's currently suing the remaining members of the Hype House collective as well because of what she calls Petrou's "sketchy" behavior. 

"There was no transparency at all," Keech recounted. "We had no idea what brand deals were coming, if they were actually just a 'product for exposure collaboration,' and we had no idea if they were paid or not. He [Petrou] claims the Hype House has made no money yet he's bragging about an $8,000 Cartier bracelet he just bought, a $10,000 cat. He's talking about buying a new Tesla."

Jenner and Keech were spotted together on a lunch date in L.A., despite California's "stay-in-place" orders. 

On March 30, 2020, Jenner and Keech were spotted together at Erewhon supermarket in Los Angeles, with take-out containers and smoothies. They looked very "boo'ed up," but Keech later made fun of the paparazzi snap of the two of them together in her Instagram stories. 


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Jenner was previously linked to model Josie Canseco. 

Prior to being linked to Keech, Jenner was linked to model Josie Canseco, daughter of MLB star Jose Canseco. However, the pair split after only three months of dating. For her part, Keech tends to keep her dating life private, and so little is known about who she was dating prior to Jenner. 



A post shared by Daisy Keech (@daisykeech) on Mar 31, 2020 at 12:17pm PDT

Tana Mongeau teased Keech about her budding romance with Jenner.


Fellow influencer Tana Mongeau — who recently revealed a very racy Instagram photo — took an opportunity to tease Keech about her budding romance with Jenner in the comments section of a recent Instagram post made by Keech, which you can see below. "Also a Jenner now!" said the MTV star. 



A post shared by Daisy Keech (@daisykeech) on Mar 29, 2020 at 12:11pm PDT

But neither Jenner nor Keech have commented about their rumored relationship. 


When contacted, neither Jenner nor Keech had anything to say about their rumored budding relationship. However, we will certainly keep you posted if anything does, indeed, pop up between the two of them ... either before or after the stay-in-place order in California is lifted. 

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