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Does He Like Me, Or Is He Just Bored In Quarantine? 4 Ways To Tell For Sure

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Does He Like Me, Or Is He Just Bored In Quarantine? 4 Ways To Tell For Sure

Players and womanizers use any excuse to get back into your life, and now that you're stuck at home in quarantine from the coronavirus pandemic, it makes access to you much easier. The problem is that their behavior makes you wonder: Does he like me?

Unfortunately, guys like this don’t care about how badly they hurt you. He just wants to see if he can get what he wants from you without having to commit to anything. What he wants differs from guy to guy; he might want a texting buddy, an ego boost from your compliments, or just to get you into the bedroom.  

Think about it: does he really care about how you’re doing after ghosting months ago? Odds are he doesn’t.

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He's gone months without communicating with you for a reason. These are the tactics used to fool women. These types of men are very opportunistic, and never miss a chance to shoot their shot. 

A lot of players use unfortunate events, such as COVID-19 quarantine, as a way to worm back into your life. Quarantining can get lonely quickly, so he’s most likely bored and is trying to contact any available women to keep him company.

But don’t let him play you! You deserve more than a guy who thinks he can keep you on a shelf and take you down whenever it’s convenient for him. He can’t keep coming in and out of your life without a valid reason. It’s not fair to you, and you know it.

You aren't here for his entertainment — you’re more than that. And if he’s bored, he needs to get a life and some friends.

Believe it or not, not all of the guys that reach out after months of not speaking to you are players. Just like women, men can distance themselves from a relationship to focus on themselves and their goals.

A guy having some space could be exactly what he needs to realize all he’s missing out on. With him having that time to reflect, it can cause him to be interested in you all over again.

Since there are various reasons why men reach out to you, it’s important to differentiate between boredom and genuine interest.

A player who is bored won't approach you the same way as a guy who is interested in you! And if you aren't sure, these are the tell-tale signs to look out for.

1. Whether or not he acknowledges his past wrongdoings

A guy that is interested in you will apologize for the things he’s done in the past. He’ll acknowledge how he hurt you and doesn’t intend on doing it again.

That’s his way of showing you he's learned from his actions and is ready to be a better man. He wants you to believe he’s changed for the better.

A player, on the other hand, will not apologize for anything. He’ll shy away from conversations that paint him out to be the bad guy because he wants to manage your perception of him. That way, he can get what he wants.

He’ll literally text you a “hey” or “what’s up?” like everything is fine. A player won’t take the time to reflect on his past actions because he’s not interested in pursuing anything serious with you.

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2. His response to you asking why he's texting you suddenly

The way he responses to you asking why he ghosted reveals a lot regarding his motives for reaching out. If he’s genuinely interested, he’ll have a real reason for why he did what he did. He won’t be offended by you asking, either; he’ll willingly share it with you.

A player won't have the same reaction. He might avoid the question altogether or tell you the basic “I miss you.” He won’t provide you any real insight as to why he’s texting you again. Telling someone you’re texting them because you're bored won’t go over well, so they avoid saying that at all costs.

3. The amount of effort he puts into the conversation

When a man is interested in you, he makes an effort to keep talking to you and make conversation. He’ll try his best to avoid sending you vague one-word responses. Even if your responses are dry, he’ll still try to progress the conversation.

He sees your conversations as an opportunity to get to know you better, and to impress you with his personality. But be careful not to make a habit of constantly sending dry messages; that can make an interested guy indifferent. 

A player is most likely texting many women at once, so he doesn't have the time to send good responses to every one of those girls because his attention is divided. He isn't in it for the long haul — he’s just here for a good time.

Players are all about instant gratification. If he feels you’re being distant because he ghosted you or you're playing hard to get, he’ll do it again. He doesn’t care to put effort into the conversation because he’s not interested in you.

4. The speed of the relationship’s progression

A lot of us are in quarantine or practicing social distancing, so that makes it hard to go on real dates with a guy to see whether or not he’s interested. Nonetheless, there should be a natural progression in the relationship. 

If he’s genuinely interested, he’ll move from texting you to talking on the phone, and, ultimately, to FaceTiming or video chatting you. A man who is interested will do what he can to progress things and show you his attraction. If things go really well, he might even set a date for after quarantine with a solid place, time, and date.

A player is trying to do the bare minimum. He won’t really see a need to add more personal forms of communication. That’s not to say he’ll never call or video chat you; he’d just much rather stick to texting.

A player won’t entertain the idea of going on a date after quarantine. Why? Because he’s not thinking that far ahead with you.

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