The 8 Craziest Celebrity Tweets About Coronavirus

This affects everyone, after all.

The 8 Craziest Celebrity Tweets About Coronavirus Getty Images

No matter who you happen to be, it almost goes without saying that everyone is affected in some way by the spread of the coronavirus ... including our favorite celebrities.

But while everyone's spending most of their time at home, many celebs have been spending more time on Twitter, and it's a true gift to us all. 

Here are some of the best (and craziest) celebrity tweets during the coronavirus outbreak. If nothing else, at least we can all have a laugh for a minute.


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1. Ice T thinks this is a sign some people shouldn't be in real lock up. 

And honestly, this man is telling the truth — for as bored as most of us are getting while social distancing for less than a week in most cases, we would not survive if we were actually in jail... where there are a lot less snacks and absolutely no Netflix. He may have a point here.


2. Ryan Seacrest is ready for 2021.

With how wild the first three months of 2020 have been so far, is it possible to just fast forward through the rest and get a fresh start again? It might not be a bad idea, and given that Seacrest is the one who always counts down to the new year in Times Square, maybe he has the power to give us that reset.

3. Whitney Cummings pointed out how different things are in America.

We've been loving those heartwarming videos of the people in Italy singing together while they're being isolated in their homes but if people tried to pull the same thing in America, it's almost guaranteed that it wouldn't go over quite as well. Most of us just want our neighbors to be quiet, after all.


4. Kacey Musgraves compared this time to another weird time that happens every year.

This is totally legit. That weird feeling we all get between the holidays when nobody quite knows what's going on? It's very similar to how it feels to be self-isolating, except for the part where no one knows when this is going to end and life will get back to normal. Fun! 

5. Chrissy Teigen is running polls.

Before Teigen went live with husband John Legend for a concert people stuck at home could enjoy, she let fans vote on which outfit she'd be wearing. Of course, they chose the towel, and she totally followed through with her promise. Hey, we'll take entertainment wherever we can get it.


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6. Kim Kardashian found a lobster.

Many of us are taking walks in our neighborhoods to help pass the time and get a little fresh air, and it seems like Kardashian has been doing the same thing. But on her walk in Calabasas, she found an actual lobster strolling down the street, which is... bizarre, to say the least.


7. Lil Nas X is cracking jokes.

Yup, this is about right. Most people have been looking forward to this week for the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Nintendo Switch, so maybe that's what we're all panicking about? If only...


8. Ellen DeGeneres is bugging her celebrity friends.

It's a good time to start following DeGeneres on Twitter if you aren't already, because she's been sharing how she's squashing her quarantine boredom — like her phone calls with friends like Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel.

It's a tough time, but we'll get through it ... and in the meantime, there seems to be no shortage of entertainment on Twitter whatsoever.


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