60 Funny Coronavirus Memes To Help You Stop Panicking Over This Worldwide Pandemic

Best Funny Coronavirus Memes To Help You Stop Panicking Over This Worldwide Pandemic

As cases of the coronavirus — aka COVID-19 — have surfaced worldwide and governments around the world are taking steps to prevent (or at least limit) the spread of the virus, the best thing you can do is to ensure that you take you to care of your body and hygiene by washing your hands properly. If you cannot get to a bathroom or sink, keep hand sanitizer near you like you would your wallet. That is, if you can find any hand sanitizer (this, along with hundreds of other household items are inconveniently sold out in stores all across the nation as people panic and grab more than they need. Naturally.)

There have been many people questioning the symptoms of this infection and the severity of it. According to the cdc.gov, “common virus that causes an infection in your nose, sinuses, or upper throat”. But in some cases, symptoms of the coronavirus can become severe in some immunocompromised patients and can lead to pneumonia, breathing difficulties ... and even death.

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The effects of this pandemic have reached all points of the globe, and at this point, businesses, schools and large events across the country are canceling and postponing their activities indefinitely until further notice. Huge sports organizations such as the NBA and MLB have followed suit. 

People would normally be ecstatic about having the opportunity to take time off from work or school to spend time with their families, but things are looking more and more serious by the minute, with the government urging us to stay in our homes, avoid large crowds, and generally self-quarantine to be safe from the spread of the illness. When we start to think about the children who look forward to eating school breakfast and lunch during school come the end of Spring break, we begin to hope that we find a cure for COVID-19 sooner, rather than later.

Also with the thought about traveling, now we're talking about how risking infection to experience life and planned vacations can be sad and overwhelming.

Social media has mixed emotions regarding the outbreak. There are funny memes and videos that make you laugh so you won’t think about the severity of this outbreak, and others that make you think twice about opening your doors or going to your office — or even shopping at your local grocery store.

But to keep things more on the positive side of life for now, we've collected some of the best funny coronavirus memes out there on social media. From Tik-Tok to Instagram to Twitter, people have a thing or two to say about COVID-19.

1. I think I've got the black lung, pop.

"Italy: Suspends mortgage payments during Coronavirus outbreak...Americans: weak cough"

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2. This cuteness in the midst of madness.

3. Self-Quarantine To-Do list:

"Work on your side hustle, binge [insert favorite show here], start that book you bought 5 years ago, rack up some much-needed nap time, learn a new Tik-Tok dance."

4. When your fortune cookie is telling you to self-quarantine.

"Now is the time to book that trip you've always wanted to take... 'WAIT FORTUNE COOKIE NO"

5. Do what you gotta do to get out of a ticket, right?

"I have Coronavirus."

6. Cruise deals of a lifetime!

"Promo code: CORONA"

7. The difference between kids and adults.

"Corona can be killed by alcohol."

8. Nothing is like the good ole days, when we unintentionally built up our immunities.

"If you ever drank out of these you are immune to the Coronavirus"

9. Tom Hanks knows better than anyone how to deal with testing positive and making use of his time in quarantine.

"Gold Coast Hospital staff roll in a volleyball to keep Tom Hanks company in quarantine."

10. Kids do the darnedest things.

"If Corona was a real person."

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11. Some schools are closed while others are obviously unbothered by the Coronavirus.

"Other schools around me: Closeout for the coronavirus ... My school: We ride at dawn b--ches"

12. A little imagination during this time won't hurt.

"When your holiday has been canceled by the coronavirus but doesn't wanna give up the dream."

13. Don't infect our favorite celebrities because we can get in protective mode.

"Me and the boys when we find out who sneezed on Tom Hanks"

14. The new way of flexing is to protect your health.

"Flexing in 2019:...Flexing in 2020"

15. Since the stores are empty, you have to be creative.

"People right now..."

16. We have to risk it all if you want to go enjoy life during this crisis.

"Me after hearing someone cough on my $8 trip flight to Italy"

17. The NBA can still enjoy March Madness, we just have to be creative.

"Graduation ceremony in 2020 being held via SKYPE"

18. Mother nature needs a publicist.

"Climate change needs to hire Coronavirus's publicist"

19. Sometimes looking it right in the face can be more traumatizing.

"If you don't look at it, you will not get infected"

20. Earth also needs some time off.

"I'm sorry, Earth is closed today"

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21. 2020 had plans for us all.

"Everybody: 2020 is the year Ima travel... Coronavirus:"

22. Sometimes these memes can give us a good laugh while we are in rough times.

"Me reading these Coronavirus memes."

23. Staying Indoors could save you for some time but we all need fresh air and sunlight.

"Me when I heard the Coronavirus spread to the U.S."

24. Schools are the most common places to spread germs.

"Coughing in class...The rest of the class"

25. This infection might give you the opportunity to speak to your crush.

" When I find out my crushes mans has coronavirus"

26. When we think we are prepared but we really are not.

"Preventing Coronavirus like..."

27. The birthday song is the new hit to jam to when washing your hands.

"How long to wash your hands?...Wash it twice to this tune"

28. Any help is good help when we want to learn more about this virus.


Google: WHO can help me with ##Coronavirus ? find more ##covid19 info who.int ##SaveALife ##edutok @worldhealthorganization

Thisisnotmysound - scbhaydin


29. All coughs are looked at as Corona during this time.

"Roy got the virus"

30. It was all fun and games until it reaches your country.

31. Graduation ceremonies might get impacted during this pandemic.

"How the class of 2020 is going to graduate..."

32. Sometimes we can't believe what we read or see. Or we're all doomed.

"Coronavirus test says to hold your breath for ten minutes without coughing and you are good"

33. We have to find talent and creativity when we run out of hand sanitizer.


When stores run out of hand sanitizer but you’re a nurse ##coronavirus ##PlayWithLife ##myaesthetic

original sound - jursslica

"When stores run out of hand sanitizer but you’re a nurse."

34. The best way we can fight this pandemic is to be smart and be clean. Wash your hands and cover your mouth if you have to sneeze.


Fake health advice about the coronavirus is plaguing the internet. These conspiracy theories are crazy##coronavirus ##fakenews ##loop ##chinacoronavirus

Stop This Flame - Celeste

"Fake health advice about the coronavirus is plaguing the internet. These conspiracy theories are crazy."

35. Where’s your facemask?

“Coronavirus is coming…Where’s your facemask? ... If your windows open … Close it … Coronavirus is coming…”

36. WTF? This is not a joke!


37. It's Corona time.


Two confirmed cases of coronavirus where I live so that’s fun  ##foryou ##foryoupage ##procreate ##coronavirus

Its Corona time - playboierik21

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38. We have a 2319. (Monsters Inc)

"Coronavirus = Solved."

39. Has your school taken these precautions yet?

“Coronavirus, Harvard Cancelled School”

40. A little coronavirus is not going to stop my vacation.

“Just back from our cruise. Had a great time”

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41. I'm good, thanks.

"After quarantine I ain't ever coming late to a party again, party start at 10? I'm there at 8:30 helping y'all set up."

42. Where did all the people go?

"Pigeons probably think we're extinct."

43. Is this supposed to be abnormal?

"People: I'm going crazy in quarantine. Me: *living my best life*"

44. You honk, we drink.

"I think I know what I'm doing tomorrow."

45. 2020 hasn't turned out like we hoped it would.

"2019: Stay away from negative people. 2020: stay away from positive people."

46. Not sure this is totally working...

"Everyone in April."

47. When you have nothing better to do with your time than to walk the dog. Again.

"No, I'm not coming down! We've been on 20 walks to day. Leave me alone."

48. Wanna bet?

"Person 'you can't watch 9 years worth of television in 2 weeks.' Me: 'you have no idea how high I can fly.'"

49. How does this keep happening?

"Me in my room thinking about how I told myself today was going to be productive but I woke up at 3pm."

50. Scary times.

"Nobody during the online classes: The one kid with the bad internet:"

51. I think these people are considered "essential".

"Government: 'work from home' Zoo keepers:"

52. I don't even feel bad.

"Me watching airlines lose billions after charging me $30 to check a bag."

53. Can't help myself.

"When ou can't go to the gymy gym to get buffy buff so instead you get fatty fat from your quarantine snacky snacks."

54. Day 7 of quarantine.

"Wanna get drunk, bro? I'm down, bro."

55. Let's hope this doesn't happen.

"Couples getting married in 2021 engagement photoshoots will look like this."

56. He's got better things to do.

"Her: 'He probably out there cheating on me during lockdown. Me:"

57. At least there will be less calories?

"Lunch before quarantine. Lunch after quarantine."

58. Can't really do that...

"Government: work from home. Pilots:"

59. Just don't do anything.

"How to avoid coronavirus: don't show up, don't come out, don't start caring about me now, walk away, you know how, don't start caring about me now."

60. Plot twist!

"2020 is going to be my year!"

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