Who Is Michael Strahan's Ex-Wife? Talk Show Host Accuses Jean Muggli Of Abusing Their Daughters; Seeks Primary Custody

These allegations come ten years after their divorce.

Who Is Michael Strahan's Ex-Wife? Talk Show Host Accuses Jean Muggli Of Abusing Their Daughters; Seeks Primary Custody Getty Images 

It's been a long time since Michael Strahan and ex-wife Jean Muggli split up, but the drama between this former couple is far from over.

Strahan has accused Muggli of abusing their twin daughters in a new development in their ongoing custody battle. 

But who is Michael Strahan's ex wife? Here's everything you need to know about Jean Muggli and their current situation in court.

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1. Strahan says Muggli abused the girls both physically and emotionally. 



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According to legal documents Strahan filed recently, Muggli allegedly abuses the 15 year old girls, Sophia and Isabella, causing them to miss out on court-ordered therapy and their extracurricular activities, including volleyball and horseback riding. Strahan is claiming that Muggli has been exhibiting "a pattern of abusive conduct towards the children for years." 


2. Now, Strahan wants their daughters to move to New York and live with him full-time.

Currently, Muggli has primary custody and Isabella and Sophia live with her in North Carolina. But in the paperwork, Strahan is asking that he be given primary custody instead with Muggli receiving visitation, so that the girls can move to New York and live with him. He also asked that she be held in criminal and civil contempt for violating the previous orders.

3. He and Muggli have been divorced since 2006. 

When Muggli and Strahan first divorced, their court battle was pretty ugly from the very beginning. At the time, Muggli accused Strahan of cheating on her with three different women, as well as abusing her, while Strahan claimed that Muggli spent thousands of dollars on clothes for their daughters (who were 20 months old at the time) unnecessarily. So far, it sounds like the drama hasn't died down much in the 14 years since.

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4. But who is Michael Strahan's ex-wife? They met while she was working at a day spa. 



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Strahan and Muggli first met while she was working at a skincare salon in Manhattan and although professional athletes weren't Muggli's type, she said there was something different about him. He visited several times before he finally worked up the courage to ask her out in 1994. 


"I was not into athletes, but I learned very quickly that he is not your typical macho kind of athlete," she said.

5. Last year, they went to court over child support. 

After their divorce, Strahan was ordered to pay $18,000 a month in child support to Muggli, but in September 2019, Muggli went to court asking to increase Strahan's monthly payments, reportedly claiming that he had also failed to cover "obligations" for their daughters that he had agreed to in their original settlement. 

6. It doesn't seem their legal troubles are going to end anytime soon. 

In November, their legal battle continued. Strahan claimed that Muggli hadn't been scheduling visitation for him and his daughters the way she should be, and asked the court to establish an order where they would pay 50/50 for their parenting coordinator to avoid any accusations that the coordinator was showing favoritism to Strahan, who was then paying 90% of the bill. It sounds like these new accusations are just the latest in a lengthy battle between the former couple, and it seems it's not going to be ending anytime soon. 


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