Who Is 50 Cent's Girlfriend? Everything You Need To Know About Cuban Link

50 Cent is a multi-faceted entertainer and entrepreneuer, and model Cuban Link is his girlfriend.

Who Is 50 Cent's Girlfriend? Everything You Need To Know About Cuban Link Getty

50 Cent — born Curtis James Jackson III — was born on July 6, 1975. A native New Yorker, 50 Cent has found fame as a rapper, songwriter, actor, television producer, investor and entrepreneur.

While 50 Cent signed a record deal via Columbia Records in the late 1990s, he became a household name with 2003's Get Rich Or Die Tryin'. A protege of both Eminem and Dr. Dre, 50 Cent sold a reported 872,000 copies of Get Rich Or Die Tryin' within its first four days of release.


The success of Get Rich Or Die Tryin' led 50 Cent to launch his G-Unit brand, which has been utilized for a successful record label, fashion line, book publishing company and a film production company. He executive produces and stars in the Starz series Power and is an executive producer and actor on the new NBC series For Life.

50 Cent recently made headlines because of his recently-confirmed relationship, prompting fans to ask: Who is 50 Cent's girlfriend, Cuban Link? Below is more on Cuban Link, 50 Cent and their relatively-new relationship.

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Who Is 50 Cent's girlfriend, Cuban Link?

Cuban Link was born Jamira Haines. Originally from Cuba, Haines is both a fitness instructor and an aspiring lawyer.

Haines is reportedly 20 years younger than 50 Cent. Often called an "Instagram model," Haines has close to a half-million followers on Instagram.



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Link and 50's relationship wasn't always public.


Last year, 50 Cent was spotted at the season six premiere of the Power television series alongside Haines. However, neither of the two went on-record about being together.

In late 2019, Haines published photos alongside 50 Cent to the Stories section of her Instagram account with a pool and palm trees in view. However, this posting appears to have since been hidden, though it was saved in a screenshot.

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50 Cent got an interesting Valentine's Day present for Cuban Link.


Per a February 2020 posting to her Instagram account, which has since been deleted, Cuban Link showed off a necklace she had received. She commented: "idk why he got me this, now i look like i got an album coming out #baguettes." 

However, Cuban Link did leave up a revealing Valentine's Day-related photo of herself which including the comment: ".. his gift for Vday." Plenty of comments related to 50 Cent were received with response to this posting.



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There is more than one Cuban Link out there.


While Jamira Hanes has more social media followers than all the other folks named Cuban Link, she is not the first "cuban link" that comes to mind for everyone. For starters, a cuban link can be a nickname for a style of jewelry.

More directly, Cuban Link is the handle of rapper Felix Delgado, an original member of Terror Squad. He has collaborated with the likes of Big Pun, Don Omar, Mya and Fat Joe. This particular Cuban Link has over 35,000 Instagram followers and has been professionally active in music since the mid-1990s.

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50 Cent and Cuban Link publicly argued about an Instagram posting.


Beyond the earlier-referenced Valentine's Day-themed posted, Cuban Link often posts alluring photos to social media. Last month she had posted a since-deleted photo to Instagram that caused such a strong reaction from 50 Cent that many people have preserved both the original image and 50's subsequent comments.

Accompanying her body-showcasing video, Cuban Link commented, "i kilt the gym today .. or maybe the gym kilt me .. but ether way i won !" 50 Cent quickly responded on Instagram: "now why you gotta be doing s**t like this, you send this s**t to my phone not to instagram what the f**k." Presumably attempting to smooth things over, 50 Cent later commented upon the same photo: "Very pretty baby, see you don’t need to go out. Plus, it’s a snow storm it’s nasty out. Stay in the house. LOL.”

Whatever the case, many media outlets viewed 50 Cent's approach as misogynistic, pointing out that Cuban Link first achieved Internet notoriety as a result of regular Instagram postings along these lines.

Cuban Link has other social media accounts beyond Instagram.


Cuban Link has a YouTube account as "Jamira Haines" although no videos have been uploaded to it within the past few years; it's unclear if she is the "Cuban Link" found on YouTube, even though her Instagram biography references a YouTube account under that nickname. She has a Twitter account, which lists a Yahoo e-mail address in bio section and was last updated in September 2019, beyond linking to said Instagram account. Surprisingly, a lot of Haines' Facebook account is publicly-viewable.

Meanwhile, 50 Cent remains active on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. His social media accounts do not all have identifical posts, meaning that a true follower of 50 Cent has to check all of his accounts to get the full picture of what's going in his life both personally and professionally.

She recently posted a video of them in quarantine together. 


Cuban Link isn't afraid to engage in a bit of friendly teasting with 50 in an April 6th post of them holed up at their house together. Captioning the video," ...his ass ain’t so tough behind the door. Talking about “i don’t wanna lay on the couch."



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Time will tell whether 50 Cent and Cuban Link are meant to be a long-term couple.


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