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Who Is Jameela Jamil's Mom, Shireen Jamil? Why Controversial Actress Hasn't Spoken To Her Parents In Years

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Who Is Jameela Jamil's Mom, Shireen Jamil? Why Controversial Actress Hasn't Spoken To Her Parents In Years

Jameela Jamil is an actress and presenter who, as of late, has come under fire for a series of controversial statements she's made about her sexuality and because she was accused of having Munchausen's Syndrome, a psychological disorder characterized by its sufferer behaving as though they're sick, when in reality, they aren't. Of course, Jameela Jamil has denied the claims outright

Since Jameela Jamil has made the news for myriad reasons lately, it's prompted people to ask: Who is Jameela Jamil's mom. 

Unfortunately, they don't have the best relationship in the world and haven't spoken in years.

So who is Shireen Jamil, what caused the family rift, and why is her daughter slamming her?

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1. Who is Jameela Jamil's mother, Shireen Jamil? She's a domestic violence survivor's advocate. 

Thanks to Shireen Jamil's efforts as a domestic violence survivor's advocate, she was able to get a law passed in the United Kingdom called Shireen's Law. This law now puts no time limit on the reporting of domestic violence in the UK, which upended the previous law of a six-month time limit. Shireen Jamil claimed that her ex-husband victimized her for several years before she finally found the courage to leave in the mid-1990s. However, she didn't report the abuse until 2013, the year before Shireen's Law was passed.

Shireen Jamil also shares a lot of updates about various domestic violence survivors advocacy cases on her Twitter page, and is quick to interact with both her own supporters and her daughter's supporters, as well. 

2. Jameela Jamil claimed that when she was growing up, her mother was "fat-phobic." 

According to Jameela Jamil, her mother was incredibly "fat-phobic" when she was a child. Jameela Jamil claimed that while she was going through a bout of anorexia, her mother was not supportive at all. In fact, she claimed, her mother insisted that it was more important to have her "jeans hang off her hip bones." Because of this lack of support, Jameela Jamil claims she no longer speaks to her mother.

3. Despite their estrangement, Shireen Jamil has shown solidarity with her daughter. 

Despite being reportedly estranged from her daughter, Shireen Jamil has shown solidarity with her. In an exclusive photo shoot, designed specifically for a dating app for people aged 50 and older, Shireen Jamil appeared in a series of unretouched photos that even showed some of the scars she still had as a result of the abuse she endured for years. 

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4. Shireen also has a son, Jameela's brother.

Adnandus Dyzantae is Shireen Jamil's son, and Jameela Jamil's half-brother. He's in his early 40s, a poet, and by his own admission, suffers from a series of mental health issues. He made the news in his native Hampstead, a town in England, when he was "reunited" with his beloved writing desk. He also wrote a book called Ill Literate, which is described as "a memoir in which I've grappled with everything from mental illness to romantic frustration, from mysticism to homelessness."

5. Shireen Jamil's mother died under suspicious circumstances.

Yasmin Quraishi was 80 years old when she died. Quraishi was Shireen Jamil's mother and when she died, she was found to be suffering from the deadly norovirus. As a result of this discovery, Shireen Jamil called for an investigation into her mother's death. It's unclear, however, what the results of that investigation concluded. 

6. Shireen Jamil also campaigns for victims of bullying. 

Thanks to Shireen Jamil's efforts, Shireen's Law now not only puts no time limit on when domestic violence victims can file their complaint against their abusers, but it's now become a crime for bullies to psychologically terrorize their victims. 

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Shireen's Law has made it so that bullies who psychologically terrorize their victims will spend up to a year in jail for doing so. 

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