30 Small Changes You Should Make When You Want To Look & Feel Better

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30 Small Changes You Should Make When You Want To Look & Feel Better

By Brittany Christopoulos

Sometimes, we find ourselves stuck in a rut, where we just need some small changes. It doesn’t have to be big, but we need something that is a little different from our norm.

While we desperately look for new ways to change ourselves or give us that sexy kick we’ve been craving, there are a ton of minor ways and small changes we can make in order to look and feel better with minimal effort.

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Here are 30 small changes that will help you look and feel better.

1. Wear heels, even if you’re already tall.

It’ll help you feel like a woman and accentuate your curves in the best way. Give yourself a sexy strut once in a while.

2. Buy a new bra.

There’s something about a new bra that makes you feel unstoppable.

3. Go outside for a bit.

Sometimes, you need to feel fresh air on your face. Even if it’s only walking your dog or taking your garbage bags to the curb, it’ll definitely help you. 

4. Buy new nail polish and paint your nails at home.

If you can’t afford to get them professionally done, that’s not a problem. You can have fun creating your own unique design!

5. Put on an outfit that made you feel sexy at one time.

The memories will boost your confidence, especially if someone hit on you when you wore it.

6. Exercise.

Sweating it out will clear your mind, keep you in shape, and make your body feel better overall.

7. Wear more lace, silk, and satin.

For some reason, they just feel amazing on!

8. Wear something really sexy under your work clothes.

For whatever reason, it helps with workplace productivity and you’ll feel amazing knowing your dirty little secret.

9. Rub lotion all over your body after a fresh shave to feel super smooth.

When your skin is soft, you are on top of the world.

10. Eat a healthy meal for once.

It’ll make your body feel super cleansed and could encourage a new lifestyle habit you’ll gain numerous benefits from.

11. Make a minimal change to your appearance.

Cut your hair, get a new piercing, wear a bold lipstick — anything to change it up a bit.

12. Buy a new article of clothing, even if you don’t need it.

Sometimes, it’s nice to have something new in your wardrobe.

13. Learn your body in a new way.

It always helps you feel better.

14. Get tipsy.

Sometimes, you feel like you want a little bit of a buzz on a lonely night at home. 

15. Wash your face with a deep cleanser.

You’ll feel so rejuvenated and fresh.

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16. Show off your back in a nice top.

I don’t know why having my back exposed feels so good.

17. Cut off people who have been draining you.

Or, at least spend minimal time with them for a bit to give your sanity a break.

18. Wear those old sweats you love.

You know, the ones that make you feel cozy when you desperately need to feel comfortable.

19. Make a big gesture at work.

Workplace performance can help boost your confidence, especially if you’ve been having doubts about your career.

20. Read an erotic novel and picture yourself as the main character.

It’ll bring some excitement to your life, even if it’s for a little while.

21. Buy new lingerie.

If you don’t have anybody to wear it for, then wear it for yourself.

22. Reach out to an old friend or flame.

There’s no harm in rekindling a connection you used to enjoy... if it didn’t end horribly.

23. Compliment others.

It’s a proven fact that this helps boost your own confidence in the process.

24. Get your eyebrows done.

Nothing feels as refreshing after a clean wax.

25. Walk around your bedroom naked.

It’ll help you feel comfortable with the body you were born with and provides an excellent opportunity to free your body for a bit.

26. Stop looking at other women as competition.

Instead, think of them as friends and allies.

27. Wear a set of matching bra and underwear.

It’s unknown why it feels so good to wear, but the power it brings you to tackle your day is pleasing.

28. Wear a new perfume.

Sometimes, the most floral ones bring out your flirtatious and fun side.

29. Do something that makes you feel good.

Whether it’s calling your grandma, volunteering, or singing out loud in the car, it will make a whole lot of difference. 

30. Smile when you feel good — and even when you don’t.

There are so many small changes to help give you the feeling you’ve been aimlessly searching for. Remember, sexiness isn’t necessarily about the way you look — it’s also about the way you feel.

Make those tiny changes over time or whenever you feel yourself yearning for something different — it won’t break your budget or your heart.

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Brittany Christopoulos is a writer who focuses on self-love, self-care, and health and wellness. For more of her self-care content, visit her Twitter page.

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