Jessica Simpson And Vanessa Lachey Allegedly Feuding Over A Baby Gift

Since the release of Jessica's memoir, Vanessa and Nick aren't thrilled.

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Earlier this month, Jessica Simpson dropped her highly anticipated memoir, Open Book, and now, it seems like it may have started a bit of drama with her ex-husband and his wife.

In the book, Simpson wrote candidly about her marriage to (and divorce from) Nick Lachey as they filmed their reality show, Newlyweds. But apparently, Lachey's current wife, Vanessa Lachey, isn't into the whole thing.

So why are Jessica Simpson and Jessica Lachey feuding — and is it over a baby gift? Here are all the details about their current drama. 


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1. Jessica Simpson shared details about the end of her marriage to Lachey in her book.



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In Open Book, Jessica wrote about her personal life, including the beginning of her career and her short-lived marriage to Lachey. Although she admitted they both contributed to what led to the end of their marriage, she also said that she was happy that both of them had been able to move on and be happy with other people — Simpson with husband Eric Johnson, and NIck with Vanessa. 


2. But why are Jessica Simpson and Vanessa Lachey feuding? Hoda Kotb may have accidentally started it.

When Lachey appeared on The Today Show this week, host Hoda Kotb mentioned that Jessica had told her Lachey had sent her a nice gift after a big milestone in her life. 

"I interviewed Jessica Simpson about her book Open Book, and she talked about how she has her life with her husband and her children, and she's really really happy for y'all — she kept saying 'they sent me something beautiful when we had our children," Kotb said, adding, "She said she got something nice from you guys after, I don't remember, some moment in her life."

3. Lachey responded on TV that she never sent that gift.

In that interview, Lachey denied ever sending a gift, even telling Kotb, "I don't know her address." Um, awkward? Fans immediately came after Lachey for her response, saying she should have been more polite or should have just let it go, regardless of whether or not she actually did send a gift... but what is the truth here?

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4. After Lachey was called out for being petty, she defended herself on Twitter. 

Following the backlash, Lacey took to Twitter to share her side of the story. She insisted that it was nothing against Simpson — she just didn't want to take credit for doing something that she hadn't done.

Just didn’t want to take credit for something we didn’t do. That’s all," she tweeted at a fan who called her out for her statement on The Today Show. "Seems weird to ignore sending a big beautiful gift basket and taking that credit. Either way... hope you have a Beautiful day!"

5. In the end, it seems like it was all a big misunderstanding.



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During an appearance on Andy Cohen's radio show, Simpson attempted to clear the whole thing up, saying that there was no gift — and it doesn't seem like she ever told Kotb that there was, just that Kotb may have misunderstood something she said during their interview.


"Um, well, I don't really know I got a gift per se," Jessica said. "My gift with Nick is that he is happy and he is married and that he has three beautiful children and is a father. That's really a gift to me because I thought that I just crushed his heart, 'cause I didn't think he believed that I could actually grow up. I wasn't always gonna be that young girl, I had to be a woman."

6. As far as Nick's concerned, It's all good. 

Regardless of whether or not an actual feud exists between his ex-wife and his current wife, Nick said during the same Today Show segment that there's still "mutual respect" between him and Simpson.

“I’m certainly happy for her and her life, I know she is happy for us," he said. "There’s definitely a mutual respect there, so that’s, you know — obviously it was a long time ago; we’ve all moved on. ”


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