Is Priscilla Presley Dying? New Reports Claim Her Health Is Quickly Deteriorating — The Truth

It's not looking good for Elvis' former wife.

Is Priscilla Presley Dying? New Reports Claim Her Health Is Quickly Deteriorating — The Truth Getty Images 

Apparently, things aren't looking too good for Elvis' former wife, Priscilla Presley, these days, especially where her health is concerned. 

New reports are claiming that Presley's condition has been declining for awhile now, and it sounds like the end of her life could be near.

But is Priscilla Presley dying? There's no way to answer that question for sure, but here's everything we know so far to separate fact from fiction.


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1. Presley is now 74 and it's been more than 40+ years since Elvis' death.



A post shared by Priscilla Presley (@priscillapresley) on Aug 19, 2019 at 12:22pm PDT

Although Presley and Elvis divorced in 1973 — four years before Elvis' unexpected death in 1977 — she's best known for her marriage to the music icon, and has carried on his legacy by working with Graceland to keep his memory alive. Presley is also passionate about animals, especially her horses, and despite the fact that she is obviously in her mid-70s, there doesn't seem to have been much concern for her health until recently.


2. Reportedly, she's experiencing memory loss.

Apparently, a source close to Presley said that she recently told friends she's struggling with her memory, as well as dealing with other health problems.

“Priscilla has started to forget things, misplace items and use wrong words or leave gaps in sentences that trail off to nowhere,” the source said. “She’s been having to slow down a lot recently.”

The insider added that Presley wants "a peaceful, happy life and to continue hosting fundraisers, honoring Elvis' memory and looking after Graceland."

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3. Presley denied similar reports last year.

Last March, Prelsey took to Twitter to shut down rumors that she was in poor health and planning a burial beside her ex-husband.

"This is the Enquirer folks... please don’t believe everything you read," she tweeted at the time. "Don’t plan my funeral just yet, I’m very healthy. Never planned on being buried next to Elvis. What will they come up with next!?" 

4. Right now, it seems Presley may be worried about daughter Lisa Marie Presley. 

In another report from last summer, a source close to the family said that Presley is concerned that Lisa Marie will die the same way Elvis did, due to her opioid addiction.

“Elvis’ death still pierces her heart more than 40 years 
later — and she will do everything in her power to ensure history does not repeat itself,” the source said, adding, "Priscilla has worried about Lisa Marie her whole life,” snitched the source. “Growing up in America’s most famous family means people have been trying to lead her astray since she was a child. She’s been around rockers, druggies and weirdos for decades, but it was only when she was in her 40s that she started abusing prescription meds and drinking too much — and it made Priscilla sick."


5. It seems to be business as usual on Presley's Instagram account.

As far as her social media goes, it certainly doesn't seem that Presley's health is at risk — and if it is, it's definitely not something she's talking about just yet. In fact, her most recent Instagram post (above) was shared less than a week ago, and was all about wishing Lisa Marie a happy birthday. If a battle with memory loss is something Presley is currently facing, she's not ready to share it with the world just yet.


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6. So: Is Priscilla Presley dying? 

It's impossible to say definitively one way or another. If these reports are to be believed, Presley certainly could be struggling, but the rock and roll legend is keeping her personal life to herself, as per usual... at least, for now. Hopefully, she'll shut down these rumors soon enough, just like she's done in the past.

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