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Who Is The Night Angel On 'The Masked Singer'? Masked Singer Spoilers Ahead!

Who Is The Night Angel On 'The Masked Singer'? Masked Singer Spoilers Ahead!

The Masked Singer spoilers ahead! This season, there are more costumes on The Masked Singer than ever for a total of 18 contestants ... and now, we're trying to figure out who's who.

Among these is the Night Angel, who is definitely raising eyebrows among fans for their unique look that has people talking.

But who is the Night Angel? Not much is known about their identity, but here's what we know so far.

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The Night Angel has an intricate costume.


A post shared by The Masked Singer (@maskedsingerfox) on Feb 3, 2020 at 4:00pm PST

Night Angel's costume was one of the final ones released, just before Season 3 premiered after the Super Bowl. This pink and purple costume involves gold embellishments, bright, huge wings, and a very memorable face mask — but there aren't any specific details that could help us determine exactly who it might be.

Judging by this elaborate costume, though, it seems like the celebrity inside might have a very big personality.

Night Angel performed a bit late on The Masked Singer.

With so many celebrities in the mix, the contestants are performing in groups, and Night Angel is a part of Group C, which means fans had to wait awhile before they could hear them perform for the first time, making it a bit hard to guess their identity.

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One theory is that the Night Angel is Jeffree Star.

Fans on The Masked Singer subreddit seem to think that the Night Angel could be Jeffree Star, and given that he's a big fan of bold, bright colors (especially pink), this guess might not be too far off — especially since he recently dyed his hair pink and purple.

"One clue that we have is the performers have 160 tattoos and he has a ton," one fan wrote. "You may also notice that both him and the mask lack eyebrows. The gold detailing: Jeffree loves gold!"

Some fans are creeped out by their look.

On Twitter, fans can't stop tweeting about how disconcerting the Night Angel's costume is. It sounds like more than a few of them are a bit creeped out by it.

"Welp, there goes any chance of me sleeping tonight," one person tweeted, while another fan added, "Don't know who this is but no joke if it starts bleeding from the eyes my childhood nightmares will have come alive." 

There are plenty of other guesses rolling in, too. 

In response to The Masked Singer's tweet about the Night Angel, some shared that they thought it might be Kathy Griffin, while others are convinced it's Cyndi Lauper. At this point, this is truly anyone's guess. 

She seems to have a British accent.

Now that we've heard Night Angel perform, it's apparent that it's a woman — and judge Jenny McCarthy is pretty blown away by her, saying she gave one of the best performances all season when she performed Bon Jovi's "You Give Love A Bad Name." Some people seem to think she's Kandi Burruss after hearing her perform.

Who is the Night Angel on The Masked Singer? We may not find out just yet.

With so few clues out there about who the Night Angel might be, at this point, it's hard to make too educated of a guess.

Hopefully, as the show continues, the Night Angel will get their chance to shine, and we'll finally find out who's behind that mask.

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