Who Is The Mouse On 'The Masked Singer'? Masked Singer Spoilers Ahead!

Looks like the Mouse could end up being some stiff competition.

Who Is The Mouse On 'The Masked Singer'? Masked Singer Spoilers Ahead! Fox

The Masked Singer spoilers ahead! At long last, The Masked Singer is back for Season 3 — and this time, the show is featuring some of the most elaborate, difficult to crack costumes ever.

Given the clues that have been shared so far, though, there are some masks that are easier to figure out than others, and we have a feeling the Mouse might just fall into that category.

But who is the Mouse on The Masked Singer? So far, the clues are all pointing to one specific celebrity.


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1. The Mouse's costume might be one of the most feminine ones this season.

All of the sequins, the sparkly dress, and the flower crown that matches the flowers on her gown? Plus, those long, luscious eyelashes? Yeah, we've got a feeling that the Mouse is definitely a woman — and this might be one of the cutest costumes ever used on the show. Because of the over-the-top feminine theme, we're assuming all the glitz and glam represent the personality of the celebrity inside.


2. The Mouse was heavily featured in a promo video for the upcoming episodes.

In the video, Nick Cannon is delivering the costumes to the celebrities who are wearing them. The one who received the Mouse costume? Someone who lives in Beverly Hills, owns a chihuahua who wears a tutu, and dresses in an outfit involving pink sweatpants and Ugg boots. It seems like all of these clues are leading somewhere very specific, and fans may have already figured out who that celeb is. 

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3. All of these clues seem to be pointing to Paris Hilton. 

Putting all the clues from the video together, it seems like this Mouse costume could only belong to Paris Hilton — and as some fans pointed out, some of the clues in that promo video are even more specific than the obvious ones we just pointed out. For example? The numbers 3340 on the buzzer that let Cannon into the Mouse's residence happen to be the same house number of Hilton's abode, which seems way too specific to be considered a coincidence. And as even casual pop culture fans are aware, the chihuahua and the Uggs are two of Hilton's signature icons, especially during her days on The Simple Life

4. Fans on Reddit think differently.

On The Masked Singer subreddit, one theory is that the Mouse is actually a guy, because their shoulder's don't seem very "feminine" — and that if it is a man, it could be Jeffree Star. Not a totally outlandish guess; after all, before he was known for his makeup line, Star had a career in music and he's a fan of all things bright, pink, and sparkly, so finding out that he was the one in those pink sweatpants and Uggs wouldn't be the most shocking reveal ever, either.


5. Fans on Instagram have a few guesses of their own.



A post shared by The Masked Singer (@maskedsingerfox) on Dec 18, 2019 at 7:30pm PST

When the promo clip was shared on The Masked Singer's Instagram account, fans took a few stabs at who it could be in the comments. Although plenty of other people were also thinking Paris Hilton, some guessed Ashley Tisdale (the details in the clip were pretty Sharpay-esque, after all) or possibly even Reese Witherspoon, because the scene with the Mouse is very similar to what her character, Elle Woods, from Legally Blonde would be into. Hmm... 

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6. The Mouse's performance threw a wrench in all these theories, though.

As soon as the Mouse opened her mouth to sing (Oleta Adams' "Get Here"), it became pretty obvious that this is not Paris Hilton... unless Hilton is seriously disguising her voice. The judges were split on this one, with guesses ranging from Dionne Warwick to Maya Rudolph to Darlene Love. Her clues included the year 1979, as well as pom poms... which we're assuming will make more sense as the show continues on. 

7. But who is the Mouse on The Masked Singer?

If the Mouse truly is Hilton, we'll be pretty surprised — she seems like the most obvious guess at this point, but after her performance, we're not convinced anymore. 


We're going to need more evidence to know for sure, but hopefully, more performances are on the way. 

Nicole Pomarico is an entertainment and lifestyle writer whose work has appeared in Cosmo, Us Weekly, Refinery29, and more.