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'Love And Hip Hop' Star Kimbella Vanderhee Accused Of Cheating On Juelz Santana — What We Know About The Infidelity Rumors

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Did Kimbella Vanderhee Cheat On Juelz Santana? 'Love and Hip Hop' Star Accused Of Creeping On Her Man

If there's one thing we can count on the Love and Hip Hop cast for, it's their non-stop and steady stream of drama. Today's source of drama comes courtesy of our friends from the New York division of the franchise, and they feature Kimbella Vanderhee — sometime video model, full-time wife — and her husband, Dipset rapper Juelz Santana. 

While Santana has been less-than-faithful to Vanderee over the course of their long-term relationship, rumors are now swirling Vanderhee has now returned the favor. Needless to say, Santana is none-too-pleased, which is typically what happens when a cheating man gets a taste of his own bitter medicine. 

But the question is: did Kimbella Vanderhee cheat on Juelz Santana? 

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Let's look at what we know about these explosive rumors. 

1. Did Kimbella Vanderhee cheat on Juelz Santana? Cardi B's best friend said she did. 

In an Instagram post that was subsequently deleted, Cardi B's best friend Star Brim said that Vanderhee did, indeed. cheat on Santana while he was serving a lengthy prison sentence. Turns out Brim was feuding with another former Love and Hip Hop star, Rah Ali, and in the process of trying to expose her, she exposed Vanderhee instead. [Warning: explicit language ahead.] "Damn Juelz only been gone for a little while. Stop playing with Star. They all live in the Alexandra n***a was like ima f**k her n record it I ain't NEVER have to offer my P***y for an interview, THE GHETTO. Fivio didn't u tell me this b***h was trying to f**k u and the only reason u went in her show is cus Kimbella was promising to f**k ur manager Jerry? I'm not gonna even post her dm of her explaining herself...holla at me when I drop," she said.


2. Santana hasn't exactly been a faithful husband. 

Rappers and fidelity don't exactly go together, and Juelz Santana is no different. Santana has been accused of stepping out on Vanderhee several times throughout the course of their long-term relationship and subsequent marriage, and he most notably cheated on Vanderhee with rapper Remy Ma. Vanderhee brushed it off in her Instagram stories, which have since been deleted. In these stories, Vanderhee claimed that "struggle blogs" tried to say that Remy Ma and Santana had a fling back in 2007, but no blogs then or now show this information. In fact, Remy Ma has been with the rapper Papoose since 2007, and were even scheduled to be married in 2008. (They ultimately didn't get married until 2016.) So, it seems the only source of these rumors is Vanderhee herself.

3. He's also been an abusive husband. 

Back in 2011, Vanderhee reportedly cheated on Santana with the rapper (and sometime Love and Hip Hop: New York star) Fabolous. When Santana found out about it, he was less-than-thrilled, to say the least. "He beat [Kimbella] up and threw her out of his car ... [Juelz] left her on the side of the road like she was garbage," said one source close to Vanderhee and Santana. Santana was subsequently arrested on a battery charge in connection with the beating — but, ultimately, Vanderhee went back to him. 

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4. Before getting married, Santana and Vanderhee broke up — and subsequently made up — several times. 

Even though they've only been married a year, Santana and Vanderhee have been together for more than a decade — though it's been a tumultuous decade, to say the least/ In addition to the break-up-and-make-up back in 2011, Santana and Vanderhee broke up in 2017 when Vanderhee said that the Dipset rapper's "luck ran out" in the comments section of her Instagram post

5. Vanderhee made fun of her Love and Hip Hop co-star for waiting several years to get married ... only to have karma bounce back on her. 

FormerLove and Hip Hop star Chrissy Lampkin waited more than a few years to marry her now-husband, former Dipset rapper Jim Jones. When Vanderhee found out about it, she threw shade at Lampkin for waiting so long. "Wait, didn’t [Chrissy] wait like seven years or something like that? (laughs) That’s a long time! In my eyes, it’s no reason why someone can’t commit to being in a relationship, or even being married, after three to four years. But again, I don’t know their situation, so I can’t say. But with me, yes, I do want to get married, but when the time is right. A lot of women always say, “Oh, if they don’t get married, they leaving,” but when you in love, you just don’t know," she said.

For the record, Santana and Vanderhee have been in an on-again, off-again relationship since 2009, and have three children together. Santana proposed to Vanderhee in 2018, and married in January 2019. That means Vanderhee waited for more than a decade before becoming Mrs. Juelz Santana (or, perhaps more correctly, Mrs. LaRon James). 

6. Vanderhee hasn't responded to the allegations of cheating on Santana. 

As of this writing, Vanderhee hasn't responded to the allegations of her alleged infidelity on Santana. However, we will definitely keep you posted about any updates to this story, especially if she admits — or denies — cheating on Santana. 

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