Tim Leissner Reportedly Cheating On Kimora Lee Simmons — What We Know About The Infidelity Rumors

He was allegedly seen out with a 'mystery woman.'

Is Tim Leissner Cheating On Kimora Lee Simmons? What We Know About The Infidelity Rumors Getty Images

Kimora Lee Simmons and Tim Leissner seemed to have a pretty good thing going. The model and the businessman, who married in 2013, looked very much in love and seemed to have one of the strongest marriages in Hollywood today. 

Yet, thanks to rumors circulating about an outing that Leissner reportedly had with a "mystery woman," rumors started swirling that the Goldman Sachs executive was cheating on the Baby Phat founder and his longtime Hollywood wife. 


So now the question begs itself: is Tim Leissner cheating on Kimora Lee Simmons?

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Let's look at what we know about the infidelity allegations:

1. Is Tim Leissner cheating on Kimora Lee Simmons? He was spotted with a "mystery woman." 

According to an ever-reliable "source" close to Leissner and Simmons, Leissner was reportedly spotted out with a "mystery woman" in New York City not long ago. The source said that Leissner was "canoodling" with the woman and shortly thereafter, had an impassioned FaceTime chat with his wife. What seems to be strange about this whole alleged affair is that there are no photos of Leissner "canoodling" this mystery woman — all there is is conjecture on the part of the "source." 


2. Leissner has a controversial past. 

While Leissner bills himself as a Goldman Sachs executive, the reality is he has more than a bit of a shady past. In 2018, Leissner "ransacked" a Malaysian development fund set aside by his employer, Goldman Sachs, of which he headed up the Asian division. Leissner, who was billed as a "hip hop banker," ultimately pleaded guilty to doing so, agreed to forfeit more than $40 million in assets, and was barred from working in the banking industry again by the Securities and Exchange Commission. 



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3. Simmons defended Leissner's past. 

When Leissner was first arrested for "ransacking" a Malaysian development fund, Simmons herself came under fire because reportedly some of those "ransacked" funds were used to fund her newly-launched fashion brand, Kimora Lee Simmons. "I’ve been around for quite some time. I’m an old lady so I’ve always been self-sustaining, self-funded. I’ve had Baby Phat and at one point Phat Farm, too. I’ve had Couture by Kimora, Fabulosity, KLS so this is not my first ride at the rodeo. I’ve had six or seven successful fragrances. I fund my own business. I’ve been in the fashion industry since [age] 12, modeling and all that. So all my money, not that I want to say it that way, this is the third marriage that I’m on so, no, my husband has nothing to do with my professional life," she said.


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4. Simmons' ex-husband, Russell Simmons, said that she was very "restrictive."

While Russell Simmons certainly has his fair share of allegations, he said this ex-wife Kimora Lee Simmons was very restrictive in their relationship. "Kimora is very strict. She restricted me for many years. I just got her foot off of my neck," he said. So, could it be that Simmons had her "foot on" Leissner's neck, and he was reacting to that by going out with another woman?

5. Leissner was married before, too — and there's no word on how his marriage ended. 

Now here's a bit of a mystery: prior to marrying Simmons, Leissner married a woman by the name of Judy Chan back in the late 1990's. All that's known about Chan is that her father ran a coal-mining business in China. It's difficult, if not impossible, to come by any other information about their marriage — or even how it ended.


6. Neither Leissner nor Simmons have commented on the story. 

As of this writing, neither Leissner nor Simmons have commented on the story of Leissner's alleged affair. However, we will certainly keep you updated of any developments, and especially if there's news of a separation — or a divorce!

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