Chris Brown Shows Off Possible Wedding Ring In New Instagram Photo — Is He Married To Ammika Harris?

Did Chris Brown get married without telling us?

Is Chris Brown Married To Ammika Harris? He Showed Off A Wedding Band While Holding Son Getty Images

Rumors are swirling that Chris Brown may be married after he posted an Instagram photo that is raising fans’ suspicions. 

Earlier this week, Brown shared a picture of him holding his son, Aeko Catori Brown. Although the focus was supposed to be the baby, it was impossible not to notice the ring on Brown’s left hand which certainly looks like a wedding ring.

But is Chris Brown married to Ammika Harris, the baby's mother, or is he just accessorizing differently? Let’s examine the evidence.


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1. Is Chris Brown married to Ammika Harris? His Instagram has people talking.



A post shared by CHRIS BROWN (@chrisbrownofficial) on Dec 22, 2019 at 2:44pm PST

The ring he’s wearing in this Instagarm shot definitely looks like a wedding band, although Brown didn’t offer up any explanation. Instead, he kept his caption simple, with only a heart emoji.


It makes sense a photo like this would spark speculation though, and after so many years in the spotlight, it would seem Brown’s aware of that. Maybe this was his way of sharing the news without really sharing it? 

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2. Brown and Harris have been dating off and on since last year. 

Although Harris and Brown have been linked for awhile now, rumors that they were dating really ramped up in January 2019, when they were spotted together in Paris. Since then, it’s been hard to track exactly where they stand in their relationship, since neither of them have shared too many details about their lives together. 

3. Harris and Brown welcomed their son earlier this month. 

On December 11, Brown took to Instagram to announce the arrival of “baby Aeko,” sharing the first photo of his son with his followers. Since then, he’s shared several pictures of the newborn, including one with Aeko’s older sister, Royalty — Brown’s five year old daughter with ex Nia Guzman.


4. Brown occasionally posts about Harris online. 

He doesn’t typically speak openly about their relationship, but once in awhile, Harris will appear on his social media. Most recently, he shared one of Harris’ maternity photos on Instagram.

Harris mostly keeps her own Instagram focused on herself and her modeling photos. 

5. There have been reports saying Brown and Harris are no longer together.

When news broke that Harris and Brown were expecting, there were reports from sources close to the couple that they were no longer together, but were still getting along well, with Brown making sure to care for Harris “financially, medically, and emotionally” during her pregnancy.

However, this report surfaced in August 2019, so things definitely may have changed since then.   


6. At the same time, other reports claim they’ve only gotten closer.  

A report from earlier this week claimed that Harris and Brown’s relationship has been stronger than ever since welcoming baby Aeko into the world. 

“Chris and Ammika share a very strong bond and it’s only gotten stronger since the baby was born,” the source said. “Chris is head over heels in love with his son and so grateful to Ammika for bringing him into this world. This Christmas he will be spoiling both of them rotten.”

The ring that appears to be a wedding band is a good clue, but so far, it’s the only evidence that exists pointing to a possible marriage. Hopefully, Brown or Harris will fill the rest of us in soon. 


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