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Roger Mathews Reportedly Dating Hairdresser Danielle Miele, After Divorcing JWoww

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Roger Mathews Reportedly Dating Hairdresser Danielle Miele, After Divorcing JWoww

It's been well over a year since JWoww and Roger Mathews went their separate ways, and the former Jersey Shore star seems to be officially moving on.  Reportedly, Mathews has been seeing someone new for months now, although he's done his best to keep this relationship under the radar.

So who is Rogers Mathews' new girlfriend? Here's everything fans need to know about Danielle Miele, the hairdresser he's apparently dating these days.

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1. Mathews and Miele have been together for at least several months.

Over the summer, Mathews and Miele were spotted out with friends in Tom's River, New Jersey, where they went axe throwing, and they've been spotted out and about since. It does seem like they're trying to keep things low-key, though, which is why this potential relationship seems to have been kept on the downlow so far. 

“Roger has kept it quiet but he’s been dating her for a while,” a source close to the new couple claimed. “They’ve been seen out a lot together over the past year.”

2. For now, the couple is taking things slow.

Another report claims that they're an official couple, but that Miele is doing her best to stay out of the spotlight, so she and Mathews have been avoiding the media. Insiders claim they met back in May at a concert and so far, things are going well.

In fact, Miele has even met Mathews' children... though she doesn't spend the night on the days that the kids are staying over. So far, it sounds like she hasn't met JWoww just yet, although they're aware of each other. 

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3. But who is Rogers Mathews' new girlfriend? Danielle Miele is a hairdresser. 

In fact, it seems like MIele's career is so important to her that she has her own hairstyling Instagram account, where she posts photos of her clients and the styles she's done on them. More than anything else, it seems like she focuses on styling people for special events, especially weddings. Lots of curls and updos going on.

It's clear that hair is something Miele is very passionate about — and it seems like there are plenty of happy brides who enjoy her services. 

4. When she's not working, Miele spends her time hanging out with friends and family.


A post shared by Danielle Miele (@daniellemiele22) on Jan 20, 2020 at 6:48am PST

On Miele's personal Instagram account, she's all about hitting the beach, sharing photos of herself and whatever she's wearing, and hanging out with friends and family, including her dad. All in all, it seems like she's not too different from Mathews' ex, and speaking of his ex... 

5. Mathews' last big relationship was with Jenni "JWoww" Farley from Jersey Shore. 

In 2018, Mathews and Farley decided to get divorced after more than three years of marriage and two children together, but their divorce wasn't final until August 2019. There's been a lot of drama between them — including allegations of abuse from Farley before their divorce that she posted to her blog and has since deleted — but lately, it seems like they've managed to get to a good place in their coparenting routine. 

6. Mathews has been keeping his new relationship off of social media. 

It seems like Mathew's kept all evidence that he's dating anyone, let alone Miele, off of his Instagram account, instead choosing to focus on himself and his kids. Being that Miele seems to want to stay out of the spotlight as much as possible, this makes total sense, but maybe the couple will decide to share their relationship status update soon now that the news is out.

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