Is JWoww Pregnant? Here's How She Responded To The Rumors She's Expecting With Zack Clayton

Can't a girl just enjoy a burrito?

Is JWoww Pregnant — Here's How She Responded To The Rumors Instagram

JWoww and her boyfriend Zack Clayton attended the MTV Video Music Awards earlier this week. She looks absolutely stunning in a body con yellow dress on the red carpet. When JWoww AKA Jenny Farley and Zack shared photos from the event to their Instagram accounts, fans went nuts — but not because she looked so good — internet trolls thought they saw the tiniest tummy bulge from some angles, potentially suggesting she's having another baby. So: Is JWoww pregnant?


1. The photo in question

Zack, 24, posted the photo below to his IG. Doesn't JWoww look absolutely gorgeous and crazy-fit? Zack captioned the photo: “Most beautiful woman in the world My queen.” Awww, how sweet.



A post shared by Zack Clayton (@zackcarpinello) on Aug 28, 2019 at 9:09am PDT

2. Commenters had other ideas

Soon after Zack posted the photo the comments started rolling in. "Beautiful. Is she pregnant," read one. From some angles the MTV Video Music Awards photos of JWoww showed a tiny tummy bulge — and I do mean tiny! In other photos, she had her hand over her tummy. So of course the internet just assumed she had a bun in the oven. 


3. She is not pregnant - Zack's response

It all got out of hand quickly and Zack took to his instagram to post a photo of white text on a black background that said: "Jenni is NOT pregnant. Stop being idiots."

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4. JWoww's response

On JWoww's Insta, one comment read "Hmmm sneaky preggas?" JWoww responded "Nope. Just a burger. Next time I won't eat ice cream and drink too much wine the weeks prior." Which is sad because JWoww is a slim, gorgeous woman who should be able to enjoy ice cream and wine without strangers on the interent commenting on the possible contents of her womb. 



A post shared by Jenni JWOWW (@jwoww) on Aug 26, 2019 at 6:26pm PDT

5. Jenni and Zack

JWoww and Zack started dating in May 2019. During the August 22 episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, she said to her friends: "I'm having lots and lots of sex!"


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6. Marriage and babies?

Shortly after they started dating, JWoww revealed to Hollywood Life that she is, once again, open to marriage and having kids. JWoww married Roger Mathews in October 2015. They have two children together. She filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences in September 2018. 

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