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NFL Star Cameron Jordan's Wife Tried To Bait His Side Chick To Admit To Affair — And It Backfired

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Who Is Cameron Jordan's Side Chick? New Details On The NFL Star's Secret Girlfriend That His Wife Nikki Tried To Bait Over DMs To Admit To Affair

It's not unusual for an NFL star to have a so-called "side chick," but it is unusual for an NFL wife to hit up her own husband while pretending to be a side chick to try to get "information" from her man. 

But that's exactly what happened to Cameron Jordan, best known for playing for the New Orleans Saints. His wife, Nikki, thought she might be able to "catch him in the mix" by logging into his Instagram account and baiting someone she thought might be having an affair with her man. Unfortunately, the side chick was quickly hip to the game, and aborted the conversation long before it began. Whoops!

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So, who is Cameron Jordan's side chick, and what was his wife thinking? Let's look at what we know about this messy situation. 

1. Who is Cameron Jordan's side chick? Her name hasn't been revealed. 

Even though Cameron Jordan's side chick's name hasn't been revealed, it seems as though she has been exposed. That's thanks to the work of Nikki Jordan, Cameron's wife, who shares three children with the longtime New Orleans Saint. 

2. Jordan previously said that his wife was his "foundation."

Jordan's wife, the former Nikki Speed, was, herself, a former basketball player who played for the prestigious Rutgers University basketball team. When they first got together, Jordan said that she was his "foundation." "It’s a foundation for me, especially with how competitive she is. She knows the ups and downs of winning and she knows the ability to give back. When I’m like, ‘Hey, I need to train three times a day,’ she says, ‘Do you need a partner?’" he said.


A post shared by Cameron Jordan (@camjordan94) on Nov 5, 2019 at 4:34am PST

3. Jordan also tries to put on a facade of being a "happy family." 

Over the Christmas holiday, Jordan posted a lot of family photos with his wife and children, and "shouted out" his fans, thanking them for being supportive of both his relationship with Nikki and for being supportive of his career on the Saints. "Thank you to the fans who have stayed loyal and always shown the greatest positive energy and whom I know will continue to do so. I hope to continue striving towards excellence on and off the field. Whodat Nation FOrEVER. God Iz Love," he said.

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4. His wife also calls him a "fun dad."

Whenever she's asked about her relationship with the longtime New Orleans Saint, Nikki Jordan says that while she's the disciplinarian of the two, her husband is more the "fun dad." She also said that when she first met Jordan, she didn't know who he was, and actually tried to run the other way when he tried to approach her. 

5. And then came the side chick situation. 

Nikki Jordan apparently had a feeling that her husband was seeing other women so one fine day, she logged into his Instagram account and struck up a conversation with a woman that, she thought, wanted a piece of her man. The private Instagram account Wags Tea After Dark then got a hold of the screenshots of what went down in the DM, and needless to say, it was more than a little racy. In this particular instance, Nikki Jordan pretended to be her husband and tried to get information from a woman she thought he was messing around with. The conversation started out light, but then went on to get more serious when "Cameron" (or, rather, Nikki Jordan posing as her husband) informed the other woman that he was married. The other woman, however, almost immediately suspected that something was amiss, and quickly aborted the conversation. 

6. So what really went down between Nikki Jordan and Cameron Jordan's alleged side chick? 

Sources say Nikki Jordan has been suspicious of her husband for quite some time now, and he even has other "side chicks" that aren't on Instagram! Nikki Jordan allegedly has been trying to catch her husband in the act, but because her husband's reported "side chicks" weren't on social media, it was difficult to find them and question them. But even this effort seems to be thwarted. Better luck next time?

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