Meet Vanessa Hudgens' New Boyfriend, Kyle Kuzma — Plus All About Their Steamy New Relationship

Looks like Vanessa Hudgens wasted no time moving on from Austin Butler.

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We're still having a hard time getting over the fact that Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler are broken up, but apparently, the former High School Musical star Isn't having trouble moving on at all.  

In fact, she was recently seen with NBA player Kyle Kuzma, and it sounds like they could definitely be more than friends.

So who is Kyle Kuzma, and are he and Hudgens actually dating? Here's all the information we know so far about this blossoming relationship.


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1. Hudgens and Butler ended things after 9 years last week.

On January 14, reports first surfaced that Hudgens and Butler had called it quits after almost a decade together. Considering that the couple had been dating for such a long time, their split came as a surprise to fans, although Hudgens and Butler hadn't spent the holidays together. But it wasn't until very recently that Hudgens had reportedly started telling her close friends that they'd gone their separate ways, so it seems like their split is still relatively recent.


2. On Tuesday, Kuzma and Hudgens were seen out at dinner in Brooklyn.

Photographers caught Kuzma and Hudgens on what looked like a dinner date at an Italian restaurant called Lilia — which just so happens to have a pretty romantic atmosphere. They were seen talking and laughing at a small table as they shared a bottle of red wine. This could certainly be a friendly outing, but thanks to the photos, it definitely looks more like a date to us.

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3. But who is Kyle Kuzma? He plays for the LA Lakers.

Kuzma is most known for being an NBA player. He's 24 years old, grew up in Flint, Michigan, and he currently plays for the Lakers. As far as his Instagram is concerned, most of the photos he posts all have to do with his basketball career, although he also shares pics showing off his outfits and from his travels. Fans of the Lakers will be pleased to know that he seems pretty focused on the game — but now that Hudgens could be in the picture as his girlfriend, that could all change very soon.

4. Hudgens has recently been commenting on Kuzma's Instagram. 



A post shared by Kyle Kuzma (@kuz) on Jan 18, 2020 at 8:28pm PST

Over the weekend, fans spotted Hudgens commenting on the photo above that Kuzma posted on Instagram from out on the court during a game. Her comment itself wasn't too flirty — Kuzma's caption said, "Yeaaaa we like thattttt" and Hudgens responded, "Ya we dooo" along with the praise hands emoji — but it was the first sign that something was going on between them. They'd be spotted out to dinner just a matter of days later.


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5. Hudgens is reportedly enjoying the attention from Kuzma.

According to what a source close to Hudgens says, she's having a lot of fun flirting with Kuzma after getting out of such a long and serious relationship — but the insider also hinted that Hudgens may be in for a bit of trouble if she gets too attached.

“Kyle is known to be a player and is really smooth with girls,” the source said. “It’s been fun and distracting for Vanessa to talk to, flirt with and get attention from a new guy.”

6. Hudgens was also seen at a Lakers game this week. 

Not long after Hudgens and Kuzma went out to dinner, she shared photos on Instagram at a Lakers game with a friend. No word on whether or not she was there specifically to see Kuzma, but it would be a pretty big coincidence if she wasn't. 


So far, this potential couple has yet to confirm whether or not they're dating, but so far, all signs point to something going on between them — and it'll definitely be interesting to see if more outings are in their near future.

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