Meet 'Younger' Star Molly Bernard's Fiancé, Hannah Lieberman — Plus, All About Their Romantic Engagement!

Learn more about Molly Bernard and her engagement to Hannah Lieberman.

Who Is Molly Bernard's Fiancé? New Details On Hannah Lieberman And Their Super-Romantic Engagement!

Molly Bernard — born Molly Kate Bernard — is an actress whose professional career started almost 20 years ago. The granddaughter of actor Joseph Bernard, who co-founded the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, the actress' first on-screen notable role as part of 2000's Pay It Forward

Bernard can currently be seen on two television shows. She's had a recurring role on Chicago Med since season 4, and has had a main role on Younger — as "Lauren Heller" — since season 2.


Bernard's recent engagement to girlfriend Hannah Lieberman made headlines, making everyone wonder: Who is Molly Bernard's fiancé? Read below to learn more about both Hannah Lieberman and Bernard.

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1. Who is Hannah Lieberman? She spent a lot of time in school.

Lieberman received her J.D. from the University of California at Berkeley. While in law school she worked at East Bay Community Law Center and was a law clerk at Brooklyn Defender Services, the Contra Costa Public Defender’s Office and The Bronx Defenders.

Prior to law school, she studied at the University Of Michigan. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Sociology, per her LinkedIn account.


2. Lieberman is very career-oriented.

Before attending law school, Lieberman worked as a legal advocate at The Family Center, working with people living with severe and chronic illness. She had also been a high school counselor at East Brooklyn Community High School.

Presently, she's an attorney at a criminal defense practice. Her Bronx, New York firm is known for its "holistic defense."​

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3. Bernard and Lieberman announced their engagement via social media.

Earlier this week, Bernard and Lieberman announced their engagement vis social media. Posted to Bernard's Instagram account, their announcement included a photo of the two of them and their dog.


Both smiled big in their photo, with Bernard's engagement ring visible. The Instagram posting included the caption, "We said YES!"



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4. Berman's role on Younger helped her understand her sexuality.

In an August 2019 interview, Bernard opened up about "learning to love freely." This was rooted in her learned philosophy that the "key to telling a story well is to "figure out what [the character] wants and follow it through."​


Younger is known for exploring gender and sexuality in a respectful manner, and Bernard's character is widely viewed as the first pansexual character on television. Portraying Lauren helped inspired her to find "a partner she's passionate about, instead of focusing on gender."

5. Bernard has posted a lot about Lieberman on her social media.

While Lieberman is somewhat hidden on social media, Bernard is very active and public on social media. Her Instagram account includes a mix of personal and professional content.

Beyond their engagement announcement, Bernard's Instagram account includes Lieberman in a variety of publicly-available postings. A December 16, 2019 post showed them kissing ​and wishing "happy holidays" to Instagram followers, while a December 22, 2019 post showed them on the beach. The last four posts currently visible on the account show her being affectionate with Lieberman.

Bernard has also been known to post photos of herself modeling solo. Her last Instagram post related to Younger appears to be from August 28, 2019.


6. Bernard — and Lieberman, by proxy — is active in the life of Younger co-star Hilary Duff.

Oftentimes, actors and actresses only speak with one another on-set. But sometimes, close friendships can be formed among cast members that translate to the most important moments in life.

In the case of Bernard, she officiated the wedding of co-star Duff, who recently got married to Matthew Koma. Bernard discussed this further on social media, saying, "As most officiants do, I fell into a deep split at the feet of bride @hilaryduff. We boogied." 

Bernard is also notably the godmother to Duff's daughter. Including a series of posts from December 27, 2019 related to their attendance of Duff's recent wedding to Koma, Duff appears more on the Instagram account than just about anyone besides Lieberman.


Time will tell as to whether or not Duff and Koma are involved in Bernard and Lieberman's wedding.

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