How To Use These Ring-Filled Bath Bombs To Heat Up The Intimacy In Your Relationship

Yes, really.

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Learning how to have better sex can be as simple as popping a bath bomb into the tub. Seriously! Great sex starts with learning how to relax, and bath bombs are great for relieving stress.

They’re packed with essential oils and require a relaxing soak in a warm tub. If you want to really dial up the excitement, these ring bath bombs by Bubbly Belle can do the trick.

Each one has a ring hidden inside so when it dissolves, you’ll have a sparkly new addition to your jewelry collection. Plus, each ring comes with a code, and once entered via their website, you have the chance to win a ring that’s worth up to $20,000!


Plus Bubbly Belle has an exclusive offer for YourTango readers. You can get a free premium bonus ring worth $100 with your purchase!

This is a great way to add a little extra romance to bathtime with your beau (and is a great engagement idea as well!)

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A fancy new ring would be fantastic, but are you still wondering how to use a bath bomb for better sex? Here are five ways to use bath bombs to destress and dial up the intimacy in your relationship.

Take advantage of the coconut oil in the bath bomb

If you’re looking for sex tips when it comes to using bath bombs, you’ll definitely want to get one made with coconut oil. This Orange Coconut bath bomb will dissolve, leaving the bath water shimmering with coconut oil (which is often used as a lubricant!)

It will make your skin silky smooth so you can transition into intimate positions right there in the tub or shower. You can ditch the bath for the bedroom and since you’ll be all oiled up, you might not need additional lube.

This Zen bath bomb is made with lemon and orange essential oils for added oil that smells great! Keep in mind that women who are prone to yeast infections may want to avoid this one. And, note that coconut oil could affect the durability of condoms so be mindful.


Take a solo bath to calm your mind and get in the mood

Learning how to relieve stress is key if you want to improve your sex life. A relaxed mind can help you get in the mood, connect with your partner, and release tension in your body.

If you can’t seem to get in the mood, run a hot bath and get the bath bomb ready. Try the Destress bath bomb, which is made with lemon, orange, and lavender essential oils.

Studies have shown lemon oil and orange essential oil to be effective in reducing stress and anxiety. Lavender has been shown to reduce anxiety too! You can also try the Mellow bath bomb, which has all three of these essential oils plus an aroma of sandalwood, which is thought to have calming properties.

Use the bath bomb essential oils for a massage

Spice up your foreplay with an intimate massage both during and after your bath. This Massage bath bomb by Bubbly Belle is specially formulated to release tension. It’s a blend of peppermint, orange, and lavender essential oils that can help relax the mind and the muscles.


Plus, it’s made with coconut oil so you’ll be able to massage your partner effortlessly both in the bath and out.

Peppermint oil can help with muscle tension so you and your partner can be as relaxed as possible before heading into the bedroom.

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Take time to wash one another

Hopping in the tub with your partner to wash one another is a deeply intimate experience. It’s a chance to touch, connect, and nurture the person you love.

If you’re looking for ways to destress and get in the mood, throw a bath bomb into the mix. Try the Heal bath bomb, which is full of peppermint, orange, and lavender essential oils.


Deepen the experience with the Serenity bath bomb, which is made with a special blend of eucalyptus and lavender oils. It smells of black raspberry vanilla and sandalwood too.

Use aromatherapy to meditate and connect

Aromatherapy and meditation have been used for thousands of years by cultures across the globe. Both practices are believed to have physical and psychological benefits that could potentially help your sex life.

Each of the Bubbly Belle bath bombs is made with essential oils that are released once the bomb starts to dissolve. And, aside from the essential oils, they all have a unique aroma to add to the experience.

The Rejuvenate bath bomb has an aroma of patchouli aquamarine, while the Bliss bath bomb smells of black raspberry vanilla.


Before heading to the bathroom, soak in the tub together while closing your eyes, breathing deeply, and taking in the scents. This can help relax your mind and body so you can focus on connecting.

The best bath bombs are the ones that can help you connect more deeply with your mind, body, and romantic partner. And, by choosing bath bombs with rings inside, you can make the experience even more exciting. Ready to turn up the intimacy and passion in your relationship? Try a bath bomb!

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