Meet Chloe Sevigny's Baby Daddy, Sinisa Mackovic

Meet Sinisa Mackovic, the boyfriend of now-pregnant actress Chloe Sevigny.

Who Is Chloe Sevigny's Baby Daddy? New Details On Sinisa Mackovic — And Their Pregnancy!

A popular actress, model and designer, Chloe Sevigny first made waves within the entertainment world when author Jay McInerney simply saw her in New York City, determined that she was "the new 'it girl'" and wrote an article about her for The New Yorker. This would lead Sevigny to become associated with the underground music scene of the early 1990s, eventually appearing on a Gigolo Aunts album cover and in a music video by The Lemonheads. 


While still in high school, Sevigny met writer and director Harmony Korine who cast her in the ground-breaking independent film Kids. This would lead to an appearances in a variety of other acclaimed independently-made films, including Trees Lounge, I Shot Andy Warhol, Gunmo and Palmetto.  

Sevigny broke into the mainstream through her work on 1999's Boys Don't Cry. Her role as Lana Tisdel earned Sevigny "Best Supporting Actress" nominations for the Academy Awards and the Golden Globe Awards beyond honors from the Independent Spirit Awards, the Satellite Awards, and the Sierra Awards. Ultimately Sevigny would be seen in major films, including American Psycho, beyond doing award-winning work on the HBO series Big Love.


Most recently Sevigny has been seen in Queen & Slim, The True Adventures Of Wolfboy, White Echo, Russian Doll and The Act, as she has a busy 2019 as an actress. Sevigny is back in the headlines, however, as it was announced that she is pregnant. Who is Chloe Sevigny's baby daddy? The father of her child is Sinisa Mackovic, and in the case that you are unfamiliar, below are some of the things you ought to know about Mr. Mackovic.

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1. Who is Chloe Sevigny's baby daddy? Sinisa Mackovic is steadily employed outside of Hollywood.

Sevigny's better half is not an actor or directly involved within the entertainment business. As proof, he does not have a page of his own within IMDb.

Reportedly, Mackovic is the director of a gallery known as KARMA. KARMA has two New York City locations and a bookstore and regularly exhibits work from acclaimed artists.


2. Not a lot is known about Mackovic's background.

When searching the Internet for content about Mackovic, most of what comes up is related to his relationship with Sevigny. Even a Google Images search mostly leads to photos of Sevigny.

Per an Instagram posting to Mackovic's account, however, we do know his birthday is on August 21st. We also know that he was born in Zagreb, Croatia, per the same childhood passport photo he shared. As an added bonus, we also known that he enjoys the song "You Sexy Thing" by the band Hot Chocolate.



Who has ever been young before

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3. It's unclear how Sevigny and Mackovic met.

This week it was revealed that Sevigny is pregnant with her first child, the father being Mackovic. It was reported that the two have been together for more than one year.

However, no on-the-record sources revealed how the two met or when exactly they started dating. Occasional Sevigny is known to be forthcoming in interviews about her personal life, so don't be surprised if more about the early days of Sevigny and Mackovic's relationship emerge later on.

4. Sevigny's pregnancy is far along.

As shown in photographs, Sevigny is definitely showing within her pregnancy. She is reportedly due in the spring of 2020, as confirmed by a representative for Sevigny.

We do not yet known when Sevigny found out when she was pregnant, nor when exactly in the spring she is due to give birth. Hopefully these details will follow in the near future.


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5. Sevigny was not always eager to be a mother.

In a 2016 interview, Sevigny was complimented about looking great for her age. In response, she had explained that holding off on having children was one of her secrets to maintaining her looks.

Within the same interview, Sevigny expanded further about the relationship between pregnancy and appearance, which many people viewed controversially. Said Sevigny: "I really think that [pregnancy] unfortunately ages women, especially when they have children in their 30s, not in their 20s.”


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6. Mackovic can be found on social media, but is not an over-sharer.

As referenced earlier, Mackovic has a publicly-viewable Instagram account. His Instagram account includes a group of photos published on November 18, 2019 which directly show and reference Sevigny.

Sevigny can also be found on social, although her Twitter and Instagram accounts do not specifically name or show Mackovic, nor do either reference her pregnancy. It will be interesting to see whether motherhood changes how Sevigny utilizes social media or whether or not any of photos of her child-to-be show up on Mackovic's Instagram.


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