Method Man Accused Of Cheating On His Wife With Wendy Williams — And Wendy Confirms The Messy Details


Did Method Man Cheat On His Wife? Messy Details On The Wu Tang Clan Rapper's Alleged Affair With Wendy Williams Getty Images

Method Man —  one of the members of the Wu-Tang Clan collective of rappers — certainly has had his fair share of girlfriends, groupies, and lovers over the years, most infamously with one video vixen in particular, who wrote about their trysts in her infamous book.

But this latest alleged indiscretion came along at a most inopportune time as reportedly, Wendy Williams allegedly carried on an affair while Method Man's (real name: Clifford Smith) wife, Tamika, was going through a bout of cancer. 


Did Method Man cheat on his wife with Wendy Williams? 

To promote her movie, Wendy Williams: The Movie, and her documentary, Wendy Williams: What a Mess, Williams chatted with DJ Suss One, and shared the details of her hookup with with Method Man.

“I smoked a blunt […] with Method Man while I gave him a bath and it was a one night stand,” explained Williams. “He’ll deny it, maybe not. It wasn’t in the movie because [he] is still very angry at me, for being me, for telling the truth. It was one night. We were in the club. A fight broke out and gunshots broke out. The fight was ridiculous. The whole Wu-Tang was there but it was only Meth up in the rafters. And see, that’s where I go to observe everything because I was by myself.”


“He goes, ‘Yo, Wendy!’ Because he’d been on the show before and he was f****d up," Williams continued. "I smelled the weed and I had weed but he had better […] He rolled a blunt, we smoked a blunt, we watched the fight, we heard the gunshots, the cops came in. […] I guess I batted my eyes and rocked my shoulders and I said, ‘You want to come over?’ And he said, ‘Yea, I’ll follow you.’”

Williams went on to explain how they left the club in her car and drove to her penthouse. When asked if she went all the way with Method Man, her answer was “yes!”

You can watch the Wendy Williams interview about Method Man below: 

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Here's what we know about the accusation that Method Man cheated on his wife with Wendy Williams. 

1. Reports suggest Method Man did cheat on his wife and not just with Wendy Williams. 

According to blogger Tasha K, who hosts the Youtube show UnWinewithTashaK, Wendy Williams — the queen of messy gossip — intimated when she still on the radio in New York City that not only did Method Man sleep with her, he confessed that he slept with his wife's doctor, as well. According to Williams, the alleged affair with both women (herself and the doctor) happened back in 2006.

Williams alleged that while she and Method Man were having "pillow talk," he confessed to sleeping with his wife Tamika's doctor, who was treating her for breast cancer at the time. You can check out the full video scoop above. 

In the past, Method Man said that Williams "topped off" (gave oral pleasure to) him and his neighborhood associates. 

2. But Method Man originally denied the accusations. 

"She told me and [the doctor] was f**king king. What kind of s**t is that, man? You don't do that to anyone. You say the s**t you want to say about me, don't say anything about my family, man. You're going to attack me any way you like, I'm in the entertainment business, but you don't attack my family, my wife. It's bad enough that she didn't have a hair on her head, you think she wants people to look at her, point her out and talk to her about how sick she is. No one knew anything until Wendy Williams said it was crap," said the rapper.


3. Method Man quit social media after a blogger posted a photo of his wife. 

Blogger Farrah Gray recently posted an article with a photo of Method Man's wife, who is notoriously reclusive, on his blog with the title, "We Finally Have A Photo of Method Man's Wife." When Meth asked Gray to take down the posting "in the name of decency," Gray refused at first but eventually relented.

The photo still exists through screenshot, as evidenced below.

In response, Method Man took to his own Twitter page to announce that he was leaving social media until further notice. (He subsequently deleted the post.) 

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4. Farrah Gray responded by roasting Method Man alive, and accusing him of staging this "walk-off" for publicity.

In a subsequently deleted social media post, Farrah Gray subsequently took to his own Twitter page to accuse Method Man of staging this stunt to get some press for himself. "Oldest PR stunt in the book? Release a private photo of yourself to the public then throw a tantrum that the public has your (so-called) PRIVATE photo?? LOL. The thirst of a 90’s washed up rapper is real tho. Good One p.s. the inspirational cancer-awareness article was taken down yesterday so…smh," he said.

He also reposted the same story to his Instagram stories

5. But Method Man allegedly has "outside children" with former video vixen Modest Jones.

One of the most scandalous stories in hip hop involves Method Man's involvement with former video vixen Modest Jones. Jones, who has known Method Man since the early days of the Wu-Tang Clan, has a pair of twins that were allegedly fathered by Method Man himself. Jones reportedly claimed that Method Man fathered her children back in 2017, but those claims were never verified. (Method Man never denied it, however.) 


6. He also cheated on his wife with Karrine "Superhead" Steffans. 

Karrine 'Superhead' Steffans is a former video vixen who has a long and storied history with messing with various rappers in the industry. In her book Vindicated, she described how Method Man was one of her "conquests."

Referring to Meth as "Papa," Karrine explained, "It was late one night as I sat in my Range Rover, parked in the driveway of my new million-dollar house in the hills. I think there was an SL in the garage that I only took out during the summer. I forget. But Confessions was a smash. I’d made it all around the world with that book and I was reaping the benefits. My boy Mykel was in the car with me that night as we talked about how good life was that year. I’m pretty sure he was rolling a blunt. But something was bothering me. “My editor says that if I don’t reveal who Papa is in this second book, they’ll ask for the advance back and cancel my contract.”

While we're not sure if, in fact, Method Man cheated on his wife with Wendy Williams or his wife's doctor, he's definitely a messy boots!

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