Meet Cory Tran, The Photographer Engaged To Freida Pinto

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Meet Cory Tran, The Photographer Engaged To Freida Pinto getty

Ever since the premiere of the groundbreaking film Slumdog Millionaire, fans have been fascinated with Freida Pinto. Born in Mumbai, Pinto got her start in various British films before she broke into the mainstream with her role in Slumdog Millionaire.

Since then, she's gone on to become a steadily working actress, with roles in such films as Rise of the Planet of the ApesMowgli: Legend of the Jungle, and Desert Dancer. Through it all, she's maintained a commitment to feminist and humanitarian causes, and staunchly fights against stereotypes of Indians in film and television. 


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Now that she's engaged, let's look at what we know about her newly betrothed, Cory Tran. 

1. Who is Cory Tran? He's an established photographer. 

As an established photographer with clients including Samsung and ESPN, Cory Tran is a commercial photographer who also boasts a background in Virtual Reality (VR). He's also well-traveled, having boasted about a trip to Brazil, wherein he created Olympic content for Samsung.


Like his new soon-to-be wife, he's an advocate for women's rights, and has joined celebrities like Sophia Bush and Connie Britton on shoots in Africa to promote awareness for feminist campaigns. 

2. They got engaged in November 2019. 

Tran popped the question to Freida Pinto on November 21, 2019. They were overlooking a hill near the ocean, and Tran's photographer friends Sam Marquart and Britt Deyan were present to take photos for the bride and groom-to-be.

Tran popped the question on Pinto's birthday, referring to her in his Instagram post announcing their engagement as his "sweet fiancé." 




3. They recently appeared at Pinto's sister's wedding together in India. 

Nothing says that a couple is smitten and in love than appearing at a family gathering together, and Tran and Pinto showed that they were truly in love when they went to India to celebrate her sister's wedding.


Pinto's sister, Sharon, married her new husband in a traditional Assamese wedding. Pinto also donned traditional Indian garb called a lehenga for the affair. Tran, for his part, wore a traditional kurta.




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4. Prior to Tran, Pinto was in other high-profile relationships. 

Tran isn't the first man that Pinto has been seriously involved in. Prior to meeting him, Pinto was involved with Dev Patel, her co-star in Slumdog Millionaire. Though they were together for seven years, they ultimately ended their relationship in 2014.

In 2016, she was spotted with Ronnie Bacardi, a polo player, but as she said, she'd been focusing on developing a relationship "with herself" rather than developing a relationship with a man that may, ultimately, be not deemed worthy of her down the road. And though it's unclear when she and Tran met, they seem to be very happy together now. 

5. Most of the blog-osphere was unaware of their relationship until they announced their engagement. 

Talk about keeping it low-key! Much of the blog-osphere was unaware that Tran and Pinto were even in a relationship until the couple announced their engagement. Since then, they've only made a few public appearances, including an appearance at a film showing in Los Angeles


6. Their wedding date has not been publicly announced. 

As of this writing, neither Tran nor Pinto has made their wedding plans — including their actual wedding date — public as of yet. However, whenever they do announce it — if they announce it at all — we will be sure to keep you posted. And once again, congratulations are in order for the happy couple!

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