7 Ways To Save Your Relationship If Your Partner Is Slipping Away

Rekindle the flame.

How To Save A Relationship When One Partner Becomes Distant And Is Slipping Away Kal Visuals via Unsplash

By Shruti Sood

No relationship is perfect. In fact, every partnership comes with its share of ups and downs.

In the highs, you feel like you’re blessed with the best. In the lows, however, you often despair about how you might not be enough for your partner.

In those moments, you feel like your partner has interest but is slipping away. Those lulls can cause serious communication breakdowns if you are too careless or egotistical to save your relationship.


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If you feel like your partner is slipping away, consider implementing these 7 tips to save your relationship:

1. Keep distractions away.

If you pay more attention to your partner, you can easily rekindle the spark you lost in your relationship. When you listen to your partner, you show that you truly care about what they say. This, in turn, shows how much you love your significant other.


So put down your phone and eliminate any other distractions in your environment when your partner shares their thoughts and feelings with you.

2. Shower your partner with surprises.

Generosity can work wonders in your relationship. Little surprises like breakfast in bed, a small bouquet, or even a little peck on the cheek shows your partner how much you care about them.

Remember, these surprises don’t need to be expensive. A small token of the love you share works wonders in rebuilding a relationship. 

3. Share how much you appreciate your partner.

Effort and appreciation go hand in hand. You probably don’t like when your significant other doesn’t notice your effort, and neither does your partner.


So, acknowledge even the small ways that your partner shows their love. You have no clue how much a little gratitude can do for your relationship.

4. Never assume anything.

Assumptions are the most deadly poison to relationships. Instead of assuming how your partner feels, ask them for clarification. You will soon discover how often your assumptions are dead wrong.

If you struggle with assuming how your partner thinks or feels, consult a sexologist or a relationship coach to help you.  

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5. Work on your inner-self.

Many people push their partners to change. However, it takes two to save a crumbling relationship.


Look inside yourself and see what changes you can make to grow your relationship. Shift your focus from negativity towards your partner to growth within yourself.

Not only will making your own changes improve your relationship but it will also help you find inner peace. 

6. Cultivate security.

Insecurity can often make relationships feel like a roller coaster. When we spend less time with our partners or feel disconnected from them, we start to feel insecure about ourselves.

However, our insecurities can cause serious communication breakdowns that can ultimately kill our relationships. So, prioritize your partner to develop a sense of security in your relationship.


7.  Be vulnerable enough to take risks.

Vulnerability is the most difficult way to save a relationship, but it’s also the most effective. Expressing your feelings and being vulnerable with your partner can help you connect with them on a more intimate emotional level.

It may seem instinctual to build up a protective wall to avoid showing your emotions to your partner. However, being willing to share your feelings with your mate is the best way to build trust in your partnership.

Plus, your partner will be able to more confidently comfort you when they know how you feel.


Relationships are not always a smooth ride, but you can use these seven tips to even out the bumpy moments. When you commit to truly understanding your partner’s emotions, you will be able to save your crumbling relationship.

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Shruti Sood is a writer who blogs about marriage, relationships, love, and business.