How To Love A Woman Who Feels *Everything* So Deeply

How deep is your love?

How To Love A Woman Who Has Deep Feelings Pablo Merchán Montes via Unsplash

By Naomi Karsudjono

Loving others is one of life’s greatest gifts. If you’re highly sensitive, though, you cherish others deeply but feel emotionally shattered when they leave.

Here’s how to love the woman who feels everything deeply.

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A woman who feels everything notices the little things.

She’ll gaze up where the chandelier hangs on your date because her eyes are drawn to beauty everywhere she goes. She’ll smile as her lips touch the brim of the glass as she sips on champagne you ordered her.

She’ll hold the way your eyes shine when you’re around her in her heart. She’ll also replay the way you smile at her stories long into the night.

A woman who feels everything appreciates your effort.

She’ll gladly accept your flowers, your lilies, and roses in dreamy colours. She’ll place them in a crystal vase on a centre table to brighten up a room, but your hand-written card with the sweet message inside will truly brighten up her day.


The girl who feels everything will feel most grateful for your effort to show her that you love her.

A woman who feels everything finds comfort in you.

She’ll rest her head on your shoulder whenever the world feels overwhelming. She’ll hold your hand a bit more tightly when she’s afraid. She’ll lean on you, not because she’s weak, though. 

The woman who loves deeply is strong and brave, but her strength comes from her vulnerability and her bravery comes from facing her fears.

Hold her hand because you can’t imagine living without her by your side. Let her head rest gently on your shoulder. And be grateful that she feels calm and safe with you. 


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A woman who feels everything speaks her own love language.

She wears her heart on her sleeve and will take a leap of faith to show how much she cares. Never doubt her love and never be afraid to show her yours in return.

This woman expresses her love through her words and actions. On both her darkest and brightest days, love keeps her alive.

A woman who feels everything lives in her own world.

She’ll stare out the window for hours, her mind and heart racing. She feels most free when she pours out her heart in her journal and sips a warm drink as she writes. She may sit quietly, but her mind is full of stories and sweet memories.


Give her space to dream. Listen carefully when she opens up to you. Let her art teach you who she is, and you’ll see the world through her eyes.

A woman who feels everything changes your life.

She’ll take you on a worthwhile journey that you never would have imagined before you met her. She’ll teach you to see the beauty in unfamiliar places. She’ll remind you to be grateful for the little things.


And, most importantly, the woman who feels everything will teach you to be present.

When you love a woman who feels everything, you come to understand how wonderful the world truly is. A woman who feels everything will surprise you, challenge you, and change you.

When you love a woman who feels so deeply, you are blessed with the greatest gift you will ever receive.

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Naomi Karsudjono is a writer who lives in Indonesia and enjoys crafting while living simply with her family.