Wu-Tang Clan Affiliate Rapper Christ Bearer Is Married — Meet The Woman He Wed After Chopping Off His Penis

Congratulations, we think!

Who is Christ Bearer? New Details On Wu-Tang Clan Affiliate Rapper Who Got Married After Cutting Off His Own Penis Instagram

Who is Christ Bearer? The Wu-Tang Clan consists of more than just the core members — which include RZA, Method Man, and the late Ol'Dirty Bastard. They also include a series of affiliates including the recently-deceased Popa Wu and a collective of DJs, rappers, producers, and other creative affiliates.

One such affiliate rapper is a man who calls himself "Christ Bearer" (which, if you can recall your Catholic grade school classes, is a direct translation of "St. Christopher," so the name — while shocking on first listen — isn't as controversial as one might think). And while he recently made headlines because of his marriage, he previously made headlines for other reasons that had nothing to with music. 


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Let's look at what we know about the man who calls himself 'Christ Bearer.'

1. Who is Christ Bearer? He cut off his own penis in 2014. 

In what can only be described as a bizarre incident, Christ Bearer (real name: Andre Johnson) cut off his own penis with a kitchen knife back in 2014, then jumped off the balcony of his second-story condominium in North Hollywood, CA. Initial reports suggested that doctors were able to reattach his penis, but Christ Bearer said that while he has "some penis" left, doctors did not reattach his entire manhood at the time of the incident. 


2. He got married on December 30, 2019. 

Christ Bearer was married to a woman known only by her first name of "Cheryl," and the couple tied the knot on December 30, 2019, in a "small and intimate" ceremony. The rapper says that his "manhood" was "fully functional" on his wedding night, in case that sort of thing matters.

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3. After he chopped off his own penis, Christ Bearer tried his hand in adult films. 

Following in the illustrious footsteps of John Bobbitt, Christ Bearer tried to break into the world of pornography shortly after he cut off his own penis. He tried to negotiate a deal with the infamous Vivid Studios — and even took a meeting with Vivid CEO Steve Hirsch — but it seems as though nothing came of these meetings.

Hirsch, at the time, said that he wanted to "see the goods" before making an offer, even as Christ Bearer swore that "everything worked" despite missing a few inches — so it's safe to say that it wasn't what anyone was expecting. 

4. When that didn't work out, he tried stand-up comedy. 

The entertainment industry is all about hustling to stay alive, and after Christ Bearer's ventures into pornography didn't work out, he tried his hand as a stand-up comedian. He would often be seen practicing his routine at the Ha Ha Comedy Club in North Hollywood, CA, and yes, of course, he would make obligatory penis jokes. 

5. Cheryl Bush is his third wife. 

Little is known about Christ Bearer's third wife, Cheryl Bush, except that she is a "longtime friend" of the sometimes rapper, and stayed with him through his mental health struggles. However, back in 2017, a BBC documentary focused on the rapper's trials and tribulations, and Christ Bearer made clear that drugs (specifically, PCP) had a lot to do with him cutting off his own manhood.


The documentary also featured Christ Bearer's second wife, Amatullah, and their three children — so there seems to be a bit of an overlap between the second and the third wife. 

6. Christ Bearer is recording a new album. 

As he announced that he'd gotten married to Cheryl Bush, Christ Bearer said that he's also working on a new album that he plans to drop sometime in 2020. The rapper, who has been signed to the Wu-Tang Clan since 2004, also said that the album will be released as part of that collective. 

Congratulations are in order for the happy couple, then! 


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