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Meet Ashley Hinshaw, Topher Grace's Wife — Who's Pregnant!

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New Details On Topher Grace's Wife — And Their Pregnancy

Topher Grace — born Christopher John Grace — is an actor best known for his portrayal of Eric Forman on the long-lasting Fox sitcom That '70s Show. The series also helped jumpstart the careers of Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Wilder Valderrama, Laura Prepon and Danny Masterson, and even spawned a short-lived spin-off titled That '80s Show.

Grace has also acted in a lot of major movies including Traffic, Ocean's Eleven, Ocean's Twelve, Spider-Man 3, Valentine's Day and Traffic. Beyond acting, Grace achieved Internet notoriety when he began sharing his edits of popular films online, including those of Star Wars, Boogie Nights and The Hobbit; this would ultimately lead to Grace and editor Jeff Yorkes being commissioned by Pixar to create a Toy Story 4 retrospective last year.

But who is Ashley Hinshaw? Beyond entertainment, Grace is married to actress Ashley Hinshaw. The two announced their engagement in early 2015, married in May 2016, and had their first child together in November 2017. Recently, they announced Hinshaw's pregnancy with a second child on Instagram at a Hollywood charity event.

Here's what we know about Hinshaw and her current pregnancy.

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1. Who is Ashley Hinshaw? She's been working steadily since her childhood.

Born in Indiana in December 1988, Hinshaw began auditioning for local theater early into her childhood. She also began modeling and competing in local pagaents as a teenager. She was reportedly a finalist in the Miss Indiana American Junior Teen Pageant in 2003.

Following work on the MTV reality series in 2008, Hinshaw landed a role as herself on Gossip Girl in 2009, which led to an audition for an ill-fated spin-off series on The CW called Valley Girls. Other television credits of Hinshaw include Fringe, Enlightened, True Blood, Workaholics and The Arrangement.

Notably, Hinshaw had the lead role in the 2012 film About Cherry, which also included James Franco, Heather Graham and Dev Patel in the cast.

2. Hinshaw and Grace have been able to keep a lot of their relationship private.

While some celebrities have been known to tip off tabloids about their dating, Hinshaw and Grace have gone a different route. There were not many public appearances of the two together, nor were there any major confirmations of the two being together by PR reps.

However, it was noted that the two had gotten engaged "after dating for close to a year." The same reporter had pointed out that "the proposal happened less than a week ago," signifying that there were no immediate social media postings from either Grace or Hinshaw about their engagement. No articles located confirmed where or how exactly the two first connected.

3. Hinshaw and Grace announced their pregnancy at the 2020 Art Of Elysium event on Saturday, January 4, 2020.

The 2020 Art Of Elysium event, which took place on Saturday, January 4, 2020 at The Palladium in Los Angeles, benefited "artists working for the benefit of others." The organization currently offers 110 community programs a month, serving over 30,000 individuals a year. A star-studded event, it featured musical performances curated by We Are Hear, as featuring Dave Grohl & Friends (a Nirvana reunion of sorts), Marilyn Manson, Cheap Trick and L7.

At the event, Grace and Hinshaw were honored with the 2020 Spirit Of Elysium Award. While accepting said award, Grace remarked, "As you can see, we're expecting our second." Commenting further about the pregnancy, within the acceptance speech, Grace remarked toward charity president Jennifer Howell, "After learning what toddlers are really like, this one is all yours, Jen."

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4. While largely private about their personal lives, Hinshaw and Grace have publicly commented about parenthood.

In an interview, Grace and Hinshaw discussed life as new parents, following the November 2017 birth of Mabel Grace. In short, they had referred to their 2018 as "awful, but amazing," directly in reference to getting acclimated to parenthood.

With regards to then-recently making changes to their parenting, Grace expanded on these comments, saying, "We got a babysitter tonight. We’re doing everything!” Added Hinshaw with a laugh, "We’re never going home. We’ll be the last people here.”

Advice had also been offered by Grace to other parents-to-be: "Get some sleep now." Similarly, in a separate interview, Hinshaw also offered up, "We try to get some sleep when we have a babysitter, so we go to bed at 9. It’s fun stuff at the Grace household. Very exciting stuff."

5. The social circle of Grace and Hinshaw is somewhat of a mystery.

Hollywood is known to be full of cliques and social circles. This can often lead to people working steadily, or just the opposite, not finding work to easily come their way.

In the case of Grace, little is known about his social life. He was the only star not to appear regularly during the last season of That '70s Show. It's not known if any of his sitcom co-stars were in attendance of his wedding to Hinshaw, but it's known Grace was not at Ashton Kutcher's wedding to Mila Kunis due to a working commitment overseas.

6. Grace and Hinshaw are both active on social media.

Hinshaw is active on Instagram, having posted several posts related to the Art Of Elysium event where she had announced her pregnancy. While there are multiple "Ashley Hinshaw" accounts on Twitter — including one which calls itself "the official twitter of Ashley Hinshaw" — neither currently show any posts published within the last five years.

Grace appears to be more active on social media than Hinshaw, maintaining accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. He regularly references his wife within this social media accounts, suggesting that we are likely to learn more about his second child when the time is right.

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