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Floyd Mayweather's Daughter Iyanna Mayweather Sparks YoungBoy NBA Engagement Rumor — Is It True?

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Who Is Iyanna Mayweather? New Details On Floyd Mayweather's Daughter Who Is Rumored To Be Engaged To Youngboy NBA

Who is Iyanna Mayweather? 

When you're the daughter of an uber-wealthy, and uber-infamous, boxer, it's safe to say you're used to getting what you want. Iyanna Mayweather, the daughter of the infamous Floyd Mayweather, is no different from anyone else in that regard. For as long as she can remember, her father has been in the spotlight, and in so being, she too has enjoyed some infamy of her own. 

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Now, however, she's making the rounds of the blog-osphere because she's sparked rumors of an engagement to rapper YoungBoy NBA. Let's look at what we know about this lovely young lady. 

1. Who is Iyanna Mayweather? She's the daughter of a famous boxer. 

Born in Las Vegas, NV, Mayweather is the daughter of Floyd Mayweather and Melissa Brim. Though she has three siblings, she's the only daughter of Mayweather's relationship with Brim. She graduated high school, but is currently pursuing a career as a singer and Instagram influencer. 


A post shared by Iyanna Mayweather (@moneyyaya) on Jul 28, 2019 at 1:33pm PDT

2. Her father spoils her with lavish gifts. 

When your father is Floyd Mayweather, you don't want for anything in life — and, in fact, you're frequently over-indulged. Recently, Mayweather made headlines when her father gifted her with a Mercedes-Benz SUV for Christmas. The car, which was valued at over $150,000, was posted to Floyd Mayweather's Instagram account (and, needless to say, Daddy's little girl was very happy about her present, posting about her thanks on her father's Instagram post).

3. Mayweather has been going back and forth with YoungBoy NBA for a while. 

Ah, young love. Mayweather and YoungBoy NBA have been involved with each other, off and on, for a few months now. However, back in May 2019, things took an ugly turn when the rapper accused Mayweather of slashing the tires on his Maybach car. At the time of the incident, YoungBoy NBA took to his Instagram stories to announce that his Maybach was trashed by "an inherited a** b***h." Since he and Mayweather were heavily involved at the time, fans immediately realized he was talking about her, and began messaging her about the trashed car. Mayweather, in turn, took to her own Instagram stories to tell fans to stop DMing her because YoungBoy NBA wasn't referring to her in his stories.

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4. But YoungBoy NBA was rumored to be involved with Young Lyric. 

Not long ago, rising rap star Young Lyric made her relationship with YoungBoy NBA "Instagram official." It looks like, however, that relationship may be on the rocks — if not completely over — especially if these rumors about Mayweather and YoungBoy NBA are true. 

5. Mayweather is now inferring she and YoungBoy NBA are engaged. 

On New Year's Day, Mayweather took to Instagram to post a photo of herself dressed in a rather cute all-black outfit at what seems to be a basketball game. She captioned the photo "zoom in! When you call your fiancé for any small inconvenience." Since the duo had made their "on-again" relationship official after YoungBoy NBA released a song called "Dirty Iyanna," fans immediately assumed the ring on Mayweather's finger was from the rapper. 

6. YoungBoy NBA hasn't commented on the rumors. 

YoungBoy NBA hasn't made any official comment regarding his relationship status with Mayweather and to be fair, Mayweather herself hasn't officially stated that the engagement ring was from YoungBoy NBA. However, we'll keep you posted about any official announcements from the pair as they are made. And if the engagement rumors are true, congratulations are in order to the happy couple!

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