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Meet Cat Yezbak, Stacy London's Serious Girlfriend

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Meet Cat Yezbak, Stacy London's Serious Girlfriend

New Year’s Eve came with some big news for the former host of What Not To Wear.

On December 31, not only did Stacy London come out as gay to her Instagram followers, but she also took the opportunity to share that she’s dating a woman named Cat Yezbak, and it seems like their relationship is pretty serious. 

But who is Cat Yezbak? Here’s everything we know about London’s partner. 

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1. London shared her relationship with Yezbak for the first time this week.


A post shared by stacylondonreal (@stacylondonreal) on Dec 31, 2019 at 8:55am PST

In a lengthy post on Instagram, London shared a Twitter meme that speculated that she was in a relationship with a “hot butch girlfriend,” explaining her relationship status for the very first time.

“As with most of life, there has been such incredible joy as well and the person most responsible for that is @catyezbak, who is my girlfriend and has been for over a year,” she wrote. “Some of you may have guessed that already. All my friends and family know her well.” 

London didn’t expand any further about her sexuality, instead noting that she used to date men, and now she dates a woman. 

2. London opened up about why she kept their relationship private. 

“I’ve had public relationships before and I don’t love that,” London wrote. “But I want to be clear here that with Cat I felt I owed us the chance to be private since this is my first serious relationship with a woman and I’m sure there will be some hoo ha about that. But I would never hide her out of shame.” 

She went on to say that she knows she’s a “privileged white woman who is 50,” and that she knows other people in her situation are not as lucky.

“I fell in love, truly in love, with this beautiful, sexy, kind soul and I won’t apologize for that but I stand on the shoulders of a community that fought like hell for me to be able to do that openly and proudly and EASILY,” she added.

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3. This was not Yezbak’s first appearance on London’s Instagram.


A post shared by stacylondonreal (@stacylondonreal) on Nov 28, 2019 at 2:28pm PST

Fans who have followed London for awhile may have noticed that Yezbak has already been included in many of her posts — including some photos that certainly look more couple-y than others. It seems that London and Yezbak spent Christmas together (along with London’s friend and actress, Sophia Bush), as well as occasions like London’s birthday back in November. 

4. Who is Cat Yezbak? She's in a band called Local Woman.

In Yezbak’s Instagram bio, she linked to a band called Local Woman that she’s a part of, along with a man named Zach Danger. According to Local Woman’s Instagram account, they’re making indie pop music and are still a relatively new project, since they finished up their first album last July.

It seems Danger and Yezbak both sing, while he plays guitar and she’s on the keyboard. Their music can be found on Spotify

5. Yezbak and London collaborated on a project called Small Beautiful Things. 

Shortly after announcing their relationship, Yezbak and London also announced that they’re collaborating on a project called Small Beautiful Things, which London described as a “gifting service of antique collectible objects from the mid-1800s to the mid-1980s.”

It seems like these gifts will include everything from trinkets to jewelry to even tea cups, and London promises that the collection will be shoppable online, at pop-up shops, and in “interactive shopping experiences.”

6. Yezbak seems passionate about her friends, traveling, and animals.

Not only has Yezbak heavily featured London in her Instagram posts, but she’s also constantly sharing pics with cute babies, as well as selfies with her dog. Although Yezbak lives in New York, she also took a trip to the Maldives in early December, and the photos she’s shared are gorgeous.

Now that Yezbak and London’s relationship is public, hopefully, we’ll be seeing a lot more of them on social media from here on out. 

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