Dog The Bounty Hunter's Son Has A New Girlfriend: Who Is Garry Chapman Dating?

He has a new love in his life after losing his mother to cancer.

Who Is Garry Chapman's Girlfriend? Dog The Bounty Hunter's Son Is In Love Instagram 

Garry Chapman has a lot to deal with. The son of Beth and Duane Chapman has grown up in the spotlight of his family's reality show Dog The Bounty Hunter. In addition to being part of a famous family in a dangerous business, he tragically lost his mother this summer. Beth Chapman passed away from cancer in late June. 

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Now 18 years old, the youngest Chapman appears to be trying to find happiness again after the devastating loss of his mom. He recently posted a photo on Instagram showing him cozied up to a girl. He didn't offer any clues about how they met or how long they've been an item but it's clear from the pictures that they're close. 

Who is Garry Chapman's girlfriend? Here's what we know so far. 

1. Garry Chapman is the youngest of Duane Chapman's children.

Duane "Dog" Chapman has an extensive marital history, to put it mildly. The reality star has been married five times and calls himself dad to 12 different kids. His relationship with his wife Beth was off again and on again for years before they got married in 2006. They had two kids together even before tying the knot: Garry, who was born in 2001, and his older sister Bonnie, who was born in 1998.


Both of the kids grew up in Colorado and Hawaii where their parents ran their businesses. Different members of the family have been spotted on their different reality shows including Dog the Bounty Hunter, Dog and Beth: On the Hunt, and Dog's Most Wanted

2. Beth Chapman died over the summer.

Beth Chapman was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2017 and she struggled with the disease for almost two years. In 2019, her husband had been filming his new show Dog's Most Wanted and their son Garry was part of the on-camera crew for the program, even though they knew that the cancer had spread to Beth's lungs. During production in June 2019, Beth was hospitalized and passed away four days later. 

3. Garry has been mourning the loss of his mother.

Garry doesn't share a lot of personal information on his social media accounts but since the loss of his mother he has opened up a couple of times about how much he misses her. In one post, he shared a photo of the two of them and wrote, "I find myself navigating through my phone wondering why I’ve not gotten a text from you some times. It’s been one of those days."

In another post, he put up a video with clips of the show that featured family scenes. He poignantly wrote, "These past few years you have stressed to be strong now I know why you always told me to. You knew that one day soon I would need the strength to bear your loss. I just had to watch the goodbye episode for my mom. Sometimes it sucks living such a public life, but it has it moments; I’m able to look back on things like this. I love you Mom."


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4. Who is Garry Chapman's girlfriend?

Earlier this week, Chapman got fans talking when he posted two photos of himself cozied up to a brunette. She appears to be about his age and the two of them are hugging each other in the two pictures.

He captioned the photos, "It was always you, wait what." The photo shows Chapman smiling broadly, and fans took note of how happy he seemed. "Beautiful couple. Good to see a smile on your face," one commenter noted. 



A post shared by GarryChapman (@garrychapman) on Dec 23, 2019 at 5:51pm PST

Garry Chapman and his new girlfriend.


5. He was dating someone else over the summer.

This isn't the first girl that the youngest Chapman has gone out with in recent months. Over the summer, he was spotted at a football game with a different girl in a now-deleted Instagram photo that Annikya Lee — Garry's ex — posted a picture of herself and Chapman taking in a Seahawks-Broncos game in August.

Though the pair wore opposing jerseys for the date — Lee rooting for Seattle, Chapman for Denver — she wrote "I love being yours" in the caption. 

6. He may not be the only one dating. 

The new romance could be a case of "like father, like son" playing out. There have recently been rumors that Duane Chapman already has someone new in his life, too. His daughter Lyssa has been accusing a woman named Moon Angell, who worked for the family for years, of making moves on her dad just weeks after Beth died. No one has confirmed the relationship but they haven't denied it, either. 


Whatever's going on romantically for the two Chapman men, they're also getting back to work. In November, Chapman shared a photo of himself and his dad with a team of other bounty hunters. "There’s unity, camaraderie and where [sic] getting our focus back," he wrote. "We took a hit but where not just sitting back. We’ve got great group of guys who have each other’s back, watch out for one another, and motivate each other."

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