Teenaged Skai Jackson Is Allegedly Dating Adult Rapper Lil Keed — And His Baby Mama Isn't Having It

If this is true, this is so wildly inappropriate!

Who Is Skai Jackson? New Details On The Teenage YouTuber Rumored To Be Dating Lil Keed YouTube

Who is Skai Jackson? She's a former child actress who shot to fame thanks to her breakthrough role as Zuri Ross in the hit Disney Channel series Jessie. She followed up that success by reprising the role of Zuri Ross in the hit Disney Channel series Bunk'd.

Since her debut on the Disney Channel, she's gone on to become a bit of a YouTube celebrity in her own right, and seems to slowly but surely breaking out of the role of "child star." 


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Now, however, she's making headlines thanks to what seems to be a very messy situation. Let's look at what we know about her. 

1. Who is Skai Jackson? She frequently speaks out on unique challenges faced by actresses of color. 

Women of color in the film and television industry often face prejudices and problems that white women don't face. And Jackson — uniquely aware of these challenges — speaks out against colorism in the film and television industry often.


"Certain casting directors, or just people in general, won't physically say it but they have a certain look they're looking for and maybe a brown-skinned girl might not be it. It can be a little disappointing when there are movies and books written about these dark-skinned girls but they're casting lighter-skinned girls for the roles," she said

2. She wrote an anti-bullying book. 

Jackson, who once had Azalea Banks in her Twitter mentions trying to bully her, wrote a book called Reach for the Skai, in which she discusses "classy clapbacks," and how to handle things like online bullies. Jackson said that the goal with the book was to "inspire, empower, and clapback."




3. Jackson paid tribute to Juice WRLD when he passed away. 

The tragic death of rapper Juice WRLD shook the entertainment industry to its core. And while there were many actors, actresses, rappers, and other musicians that commented on his passing and sent their condolences, Skai Jackson was noted for her tribute to him because she was one of the youngest celebrities to send her condolences to him and his family. 


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4. Lil Keed's baby mama called her out in DM. 

Lil Keed is a rising superstar who recently made headlines for smashing up a fan's phone. He's been involved with his baby mama for quite some time, and according to an online gossip site, she confronted Jackson over Instagram DM when Jackson, allegedly, sent a message to Keed saying "thank you, daddy."


According to Keed's baby mama, Jackson and Keed were seeing each other "on the low," and were planning to go public next year, when she turned 18. Additionally, Jackson also allegedly told Keed that "her p***y belongs to him." 

5. But Jackson said that she had a boyfriend. 

Jackson tried to diffuse the situation with Keed's baby mama by saying that she had a boyfriend, and that she wasn't interested in Keed "in that way." She also claimed that she "had no issue" with Keed's baby mama, and didn't want to cause any drama with her. 

You can see the entire exchange below. 

6. Fans called out Keed's baby mama for going after a teenager rather than after her adult baby daddy for hitting on the young girl in the first place.

"The real question is why is a grown-ass man trying to be 'friends' with an underaged child?" wrote one fan. “'She’s 17 and his 21' is not a defense against this. 'Dating' anyone under the age of 18 is illegal and pedophilia. AIN'T no reason in hell why grown men should be surrounding themselves with underaged girls unless they’re predators. There's no justifying this. Not sure which child needs to hear this but if he is 18 or over you do not need to be surrounding yourself with him, ESPECIALLY NOT ROMANTICALLY!!!!!!!!"


We couldn't have said it better. 

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