Fetty Wap's Wife Leandra Gonzalez Reportedly Wants A Divorce After He Was Caught Cheating

Fetty Wap's shortlived marriage might already be over.

Who Is Fetty Wap's Wife? New Details On Leandra Gonzalez, Who Reportedly Wants A Divorce After He Was Caught Cheating Instagram

Looks like this music star is dealing with a lot of relationship drama to round out 2019.

After people started speculating about Fetty Wap cheating on wife Leandra Gonzalez this week, it seems like she might have just confirmed that she’s officially done and moving on from her husband... but is this really the end? And is there truth to the rumors that Wap actually was unfaithful? It’s hard to say for sure at this point, but it doesn’t seem like Gonzalez is holding back.


But who is Fetty Wap’s wife? Here’s everything you need to know about Leandra Gonzalez — even if she doesn’t stay his wife in the new year.

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1. Who is Fetty Wap's wife? Leandra Gonzalez is an Instagram model.



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There isn’t much out there about her, and her Instagram is pretty scant — although she does reportedly have a private account where she shares more personal matters (like what may be going on with her and her husband). She often leaves the comments turned off on her posts, and there aren’t very many there to look back on. 

2. She and Fetty Wap got married this fall. 

In the middle of September, reports surfaced that Wap and Gonzalez had tied the knot. In a since-deleted post on her Instagram, Gonzalez shared a photo of the marriage license and changed her name to “Mrs. Maxwell,” a nod to Wap’s real name, Willie Maxwell II. The news was certainly surprising, being that the couple hadn’t been together all that long before they tied the knot.


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3. Gonzalez has been talking about divorce for awhile.

In an Instagram story post that has since disappeared, Gonzalez reportedly told followers that she first asked Wap for a divorce less than two weeks after they made their marriage legal. She claimed that, at the time, it had nothing to do with the cheating rumors that were already surfacing, and didn’t elaborate any further than that. 

4. Fetty Wap’s ex is not a fan.

The Instagram drama continues. Wap’s ex (and the mother of his daughter, Khari Barbie) Masika Kalysha took to her own Instagram story in November to share that she still hadn’t met Gonzalez and didn’t want her around daughter Khari. She was upset that Gonzalez had shared a photo of the 3-year-old on Instagram without getting Kalysha’s permission first. 

“Waited for me to leave to post & delete my child like I won’t hop on a red eye to black ya eye!” Kalysha wrote in the post, which has long since disappeared.  


5. Is Wap cheating on Gonzalez?

Photos of Wap with a mysterious woman on Christmas day — along with Khari — have surfaced on a private gossip Instagram account, leading the internet (and Gonzalez) to believe that he's cheating on his wife. Not only did photo evidence appear, but videos did, too, featuring Wap and the unknown woman eating in a restaurant together. 

6. Now, it sounds like Gonzalez is ready to end their short marriage. 

Gossip blogs are reporting that on an unknown private Instagram account belonging to Gonzalez, she told a follower who mentioned Wap’s cheating, "Say it louder so my lawyer can hear you.” 

Sounds like Gonzalez is ready to check out — but for real this time. We'll update this article should a divorce announcement become official.


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