How To Stand Up For Yourself After Getting Stood Up

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Dating Advice For What To Do If You Are Stood Up By Your Date

By Laura Herndon

Before ghosting, there was the OG jerk move: standing someone up. It sucks to get stood up.

Imagine you matched on Hinge, hit it off over your mutual likes of puppies and tacos, and decided to — gasp — meet in person for a date. You’ve dusted off your eye shadow palette for the perfect look and grabbed your fave heels. You’re all set! 

The date was set for 6pm. It’s now 6:05pm. You send him a quick text. Traffic is to blame, maybe?

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Now it’s 6:30pm. You’ve been left on read and it’s become apparent that you’ve been stood up. So, what’s a beautiful goddess such as yourself to do when this happens? 

1. Waste not, want not.

First, don’t waste that fabulous smoky eye. You’re already out and about; order a drink. As Taylor Swift said, “And to the fella over there with the hella good hair... won’t you come on over, baby, we can shake, shake, shake.”

So, ask the hot bartender if you can buy him a drink, if you’re so inclined. 

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2. Be social (media).

You look amazing, so snap a selfie of your look. Use a fun filter on Snapchat and send it to your bestie, inviting her to join you as you celebrate never having to meet someone who doesn’t appreciate you.

Or, smize at the camera and load it onto your InstaStory. #yourloss

3. Phone a friend.

We’re a texting generation! This time, though, it’s time to phone a friend.

Give a call to someone who loves you. Whether it’s your roommate, your mom, or your best friend, calling someone who’ll affirm you’re worthy and beautiful when you’re feeling down can help. 

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4. Have an attitude.

Even though this date was a stinker doesn’t mean they’re all like this. Maintaining a positive attitude towards dating in general is essential.

We have all been through the ringer where it seems like every date is a dud. Giving up is not the answer. However, always feel comfortable taking a break from the dating world to reflect on the quality of suitor you want. 

Dating is very difficult. From Tinder, Bumble, and now to Facebook getting in onboard the love train, a quick fix is everywhere. And while casual friends with benefits or a situationship might work for some, others are looking for a more serious relationship, and that’s okay!

Everyone’s needs are different. Your friends might enjoy their overnight love connections, while you’ve always preferred a long-term relationship. No solution is one-size-fits-all.

If you find yourself stood up, or even worse, cloaked, fairly often, it might be time to take a break. Whatever happens when you’re stood up, take this time to stand up for yourself and what you really want.

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Laura Herndon is a writer who focuses on dating, relationships, and love. For more of her dating content, visit her author profile on Unwritten.

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