Corey Feldman Attempts To Repair Strained Relationship With Brother Eden Feldman On 'Marriage Boot Camp'

Corey and Eden went on "Marriage Boot Camp" to work on their relationship.

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On the most recent season of Marriage Boot Camp, a bevy of current and former reality stars joined the cast to work on their issues with the spouse, parent or sibling. Among those were Corey Feldman, his wife Courtney Feldman, and his brother, Eden Feldman.

Who is Corey Feldman's brother? 

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During the show's finale, Corey, Courtney and Eden had to decide whether to cut ties with each other. In his confessional, Eden said, “My final decision is ultimately going to be based on whether or not I feel Corey and Courtney actually want and deserve to have me in their life. Something that I’m gonna have to really think about and something I’m not taking lightly.”

Corey fired back with, “It is something to be said that we are here to see the change we require. For Eden, I’m not there yet." Courtney then said: “Yes, there’s things that other people don’t see that happen and it feels like disrespect.” Corey continued: “What she’s trying to say is she feels like maybe Eden snowed everybody over a little bit. What you guys don’t see of Eden, he could be quite manic. Trust me on that, he has a very dark side.”


1. Who is Corey Feldman's brother, Eden Feldman?

Eden Feldman is one of Corey Feldman's four siblings. The others are Devin Feldman, Mindy Feldman and Brittnie Feldman. Eden is a producer. He produced the 2010 documentary short film Daymare. The eight-minute film's plot summary says, "Sean T. Fowler lost his arm and leg when he hopped a train at the age of 16. Now, six years later he revisits that tragic day and his outlook on life as a whole."

2. He barged in on Corey and Courtney having sex.

On an earlier episode of Marriage Boot Camp, Corey got angry with Eden for barging in on him and Courtney while they were having sex. Courtney accused Eden of ruining their whole vibe.

Corey said, “He doesn’t understand that kind of intimacy either because he has never had that kind of relationship." That didn't sit well with Eden, and in his confessional, he said, “He has to find some reason why I’m at fault.” 



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3. He sparked romance rumors with another castmate.

Just before Thanksgiving, Eden sparked romance rumors when he and Real Housewives of Orange County alum Alexis Bellino appeared to hook up. At the end of that particular episode of Marriage Boot Camp, Eden and Alexis were spotted sneaking off to her bedroom.

While we can't be sure what exactly went on behind closed doors, we can guess that the two took comfort in each other in at least some way that night. 

4. Corey felt like Eden wasn't a big part of his life.

During a post-season interview, a scene between the brothers was shown in which Corey and Eden face off about how they feel about one another. Corey told Eden he feels like he thinks the world revolves around him (Corey). Corey said he has issues of abandonment because Eden wasn't there for him when he needed him.

Eden said he feels like no matter what, Corey will have a story to one-up him. Corey cheekily replied, "I can't help it if I have some pretty amazing stories." Eden remarked that he has amazing stories, too, but he doesn't need to show off. 


5. What was Eden's experience on the show?

Eden felt that the way he was portrayed on the show versus the was Corey was portrayed was lopsided and unfair. That said, in an interview, he revealed: "We had two different experiences out of it and I got some great therapeutic benefits out of it."

He then went on to talk about his latest business venture, a CBD company called Unlimited CBD. 

6. What role did Courtney play in the brothers' attempt to repair their relationship?

Courtney tried her best to be supportive of her husband and her brother-in-law while they worked through their issues and their abusive childhood.


In the first episode, she was given a book of matches and a stick of glue. She was told she could be the glue that stuck Corey and Eden together or the matches that light it on fire. She said she felt it was important for siblings and family members to be on good terms with each other. 

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