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30 Romantic Gift Ideas For Men

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Romantic Gifts For Him

Thinking of gift ideas for men, especially that special someone in your life, is really difficult. And for that reason, all too often men get a steakhouse gift card, a coffee mug, or a tie every single year.

While those are not bad gift ideas, they aren’t very romantic, unique, or creative. Rather than go for the typical boring present, to show you truly appreciate your man, why not get romantic gifts for him instead?

The gift ideas in this handy gift guide for men will make him feel loved and happy.

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Style and Wellness Gifts for Men

1. Isabelle Grace Jewelry Customized Tall Tags Necklace

A stylish way for your guy to keep your love close to his heart is the Tall Tags Necklace, featuring a handmade fine silver charm which can be personalized on the front and back with names, dates, or a special sentiment. Each charm fits up to 11 characters per charm, and is texturized and aged to give it a modern edgy look. Choose from leather cord or a classic ball chain.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

2. Testie Towels

Developed exclusively for men, Testie Towels are a new patent-pending personal wellness product meant to provide comfort to a man's most precious region. The Testie Towel provides sweat and rash protection, as the soft material cups the full package, empowering men to move freely and confidently. 

(Testie Towels, $14.99+)

3. Sweet Sentiment Custom Note Socks

These heart- and feet-warming socks let you write whatever your heart desires and give them to your man as a pair of seriously comfortable dress socks with a seriously sweet message. Write your wedding vows, a list of important dates in your relationship, or a love note to him that he can take with him all day. You can also send in an image of a note with your own handwriting.

(Bold Socks, $28)

Home and Living Gift Ideas

4. Tile Pro

Is he always losing his phone? With Tile Pro, he just has to double press the Tile button to make his phone ring, even when it’s on silent.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

5. USB Charger Station

This gift is great if he has a lot of gadgets and not enough space for them all. Each port of the charging station recognizes the exact current requirements of a connected device, and delivers the right amount of the current for a safe and fast possible charging.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

6. Skyroam Solis Mobile WiFi Hotspot & Power Bank

Does he travel a ton for work? This will help him stay online all day long with 16+ hours of battery life. Keep his gadgets charged on-the-go with the 6000 mAh power bank.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

7. Wooden Beer Caddy Carrier 

This caddy holds 6 beers (or soda bottles!), and includes a built-in stainless steel bottle opener. Perfect for the beer-loving man.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

8. Outland Firebowl Deluxe Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit

Say goodbye to dirty ash, expensive firewood, and bothersome smoke, and enjoy a clean realistic propane campfire. The perfect outdoor centerpiece for camping trips, RV travels, tailgating get-togethers, beach parties, and family evenings on the backyard patio.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

9. Smartphone Camera Lens Set

Wide angle lens and Macro Lens in a 2-in-1 set. These two smartphone camera lens are screwed together for easy storage. To use the wide angle, simply attach both lenses to the clip provided. To use the macro lens, unscrew the wide angle lens.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

10. Coleman Stainless Steel Belted Cooler

With the same vintage design first developed in 1954, this classic cooler offers four-day ice retention and can hold up to 85 cans. With comfort-grip steel handles and a lid that doubles as a seat, this cooler is an essential picnic and tailgating piece, great for outdoor entertaining at home, and ideal for a camping trip. 

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

11. Coleman RoadTrip 285 Portable Propane Grill

Grill on-the-go! This grill features three independently adjustable burners to offer a range of grilling power from 3,250 to 20,000 BTUs. The large handle, quick-fold legs and wheels make transport easy and two sliding side tables keep cooking utensils and ingredients close at hand. 

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

12. Echelon Smart Connect Bike EX-1

Give your fitness-loving partner the gift of time this holiday season with a state of the art connected bike. With accessibility at home, it gives you more time to spend with each other after the workout is over.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

13. Panorama Action Camera

If your boyfriend or husband loves to travel or take adventures, consider this action camera. With this fantastic device, you and your special someone can create lifetime memories by documenting your exciting journeys. This Panorama Action Camera has a fisheye lens to keep a full view of the scenes, long battery life, and instant social sharing features.

(Go Pro Accessories, $79.89)

14. Crosley Deluxe Record Player

Vinyl records are now back in style and better than ever. You can find every kind of music at your local bookstore or the old record shop downtown. This Crosley Record Player holds all 45s and has a vintage look for your nostalgic boyfriend. 

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

15. Xbox One S 1TB All-Digital Edition Console

Every guy likes video games. No matter what they tell you, video games are cool. Go all digital with the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition and enjoy disc-free gaming. Build a library of digital games in the cloud that goes where you go, along with your saves, and pre-install upcoming games so you’re ready to play the moment they launch.

(Walmart, $149.99)

16. Fracture Glass Photo Prints

One way to ensure that your guy will truly appreciate your romantic gift is by giving him a better version of something he's already made it clear that he loves. With Fracture, you can take a sweet photograph he's shared digitally and bring it to life by having it printed on beautiful, durable glass. The frameless print is shipped ready to hang on the wall with a screw provided.

(Fracture, $17-$135)

17. Custom Map Tide Clock

This clock keeps time with the flow of nature, measuring high and low tide rather than hours and minutes.

(Uncommon Goods, $85)

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18. Dawn Redwood Bonsai Forest

Bring the essence of nature and meditative relaxation to your life with this bonsai kit. It contains everything you need to cultivate a grove of miniature trees that you foster along, from seedling to bonsai forest — redwood and moss seeds, growing medium, seedling training pots, bonsai shears, river stones, detailed directions, and a recycled US steel grow box.

(Uncommon Goods, $50)

20. Personalized Deluxe Tinker Swiss Army Knife

Whether you're simply moving through your day or journeying around the world, the Deluxe Tinker pocket knife is the Officer's knife for tinkers on the move. You never know what you'll encounter out there, but you know that you and your Deluxe Tinker will always be ready to build, hack, or fix anything. Engrave this multitool with your guy’s name or a special phrase that only you two know the meaning behind to make this gift even more romantic.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

Food/Drink Ideas for Guys

21. Woodford Reserve Holiday 1 Liter Edition Bottle

Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey ready for the season. Woodford Reserve is built around flavor. The perfectly balanced taste of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is composed of more than 200 detectable flavor notes, from bold grain and wood, to sweet aromatics, spices, and fruit and floral notes.

(Think Liquor, $79.99)

22. Personalized Whiskey Appreciation Kit

Etching your initials into a glass decanter is a public declaration of your affinity for whiskey. The decanter properly aerates and settles the whiskey so he can settle down with a glass of good company anytime. A pair of Tovolo Ice Molds and slate coasters, a pocket-sized whiskey tasting journal, and premium savory snacks round out this perfect gift for any whiskey lover. 

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

23. Sugarfina Nintendo Complete Collection Bundle

Another gift for the video game lover, this collection includes 3-Piece Candy Bento Box that plays Super Mario Bros. music when opened, 2-Piece Candy Bento Box, Invincible Stars Small Candy Cube, Green Mushrooms Small Candy Cube, Red Mushrooms Small Candy Cube, Princess Pearls Small Candy Cube, Dark Chocolate Caramels Small Candy Cube, and 1 Question Block Box.

(Sugarfina, $75)

24. Aviation Gin

Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin is the world’s highest rated gin (97 point, Wine Enthusiast) and helped establish a new style of American gin — softer and smoother, with juniper in the background and citrus and floral notes in the front — resulting in more balanced cocktails. 

(Reserve Bar, $33+)

25. Gourmet Oil Dipping Spice Kit

These 15 herbs and spices by Julie Pedersen let you explore the core flavors of five different cuisines. Start your journey in France with herbs de Provence, tour Italy with oregano and crushed red pepper flakes, dash over to Spain with a pinch of smoked paprika, then zip to Morocco with za'atar. 

(Uncommon Goods, $38)

26. Flavor Infusing Grilling Wraps

Does he love to grill? These are great to infuse all his favorite foods with the smoky flavor of these natural wood grilling wraps.

(Uncommon Goods, $10)

27. Brooklyn Brew Shop x Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast Stout Beer Making Kit 

Brooklyn Brew Shop offers a range of compact and affordable home brewing kits ideal for the aspiring brewmaster. Clocking in at 7.5 percent ABV, this intensely rich oatmeal stout is packed with roasted malts and finished with notes of coffee. The kit also features bespoke illustrations from Mikkeller’s acclaimed Art Director, Keith Shore, including step-by-step graphic instructions drawn in Shore’s trademark whimsical style.

(Brooklyn Brew Shop, $48)

28. Brooklyn Kura #14 Craft Sake

Impress the man in your life with a bottle of craft sake from Brooklyn Kura, NYC’s first and only sake brewery. Brooklyn Kura’s #14 is an umami-packed Junmai Ginjo sake with a soft and aromatic flavor profile that offers a unique alternative to the over-gifted bottles of whiskey and craft beer. 

(Astor Wines, $29.99)

29. Journeyman Meat Co.'s The Meat Guild 

This is a quarterly shipment of handcrafted salumi, an artistic expression of Sonoma County from winemaker Pete Seghesio.

(Journeyman Meat Co., $35-$140)

30. Perini Ranch Mesquite Smoked and Peppered Beef Tenderloin

This gorgeous tenderloin comes fully cooked, ready to eat, and overnight shipped. Perfect to share with the whole gang, so it's a gift you'll get to appreciate too.

(Perini Ranch, $125)

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